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Kralgra (クラルグラ) was a mithril class adventurer group of the Re-Estize Kingdom.


Igvarge and his team had trained hard to fulfill their dreams as adventurers. They slowly climbed the ranks after countless close brushes with death, eventually becoming recognized as mithril ranked.


The Bloody Valkyrie Arc[]

Main article: The Bloody Valkyrie Arc
Overlord EP11 021

The End of Kralgra.

Kralgra, Sky Wolf, Rainbow, and Darkness were summoned as mithril class adventurer groups of E-Rantel to discuss the appearance of the powerful vampire, Honyopenyoko. Momon insisted that the Darkness will fight against Honyopenyoko alone, arguing that involving others in the fight would only increase the number of victims. Sky Wolf and Rainbow accepted his opinion and did not participate, but Kralgra ignored his advice and chose to follow.

Reaching the site of the vampire, Momon's allies revealed themselves and their intentions to kill them. As a result, two of its members were captured and other two were killed by Albedo and Mare Bello Fiore to keep the affair a secret.[1] After the incident, it later was made public knowledge that Kralgra perished during the fight between Momon and Honyopenyoko.[2]


Kralgra was composed of a four man team that appeared to have been adept at using hand signals to communicate silently.

Known Members[]


  • The surviving members of Kralgra were taken to Nazarick as experimental material.
  • In Mass for the Dead, Kralgra was destroyed after it challenged the Captain of the Ghost Ship in a ploy by Igvarge to make a reputation of himself to exceed the protagonist.[3]
  • Ironically in the game timeline, the mithril adventurers death would be exploited by the protagonist and his team of Darkness, by retrieving their adventurer plates from the Katze Plains to showcase the impression they were will to do charitable works to recover items of fallen adventurers.[4]
  • In Mass for the Dead, members the the defunct team were commemorated in a trading card series known as Great Adventurers.[5]