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Knight of Niflheim is a job class that hailed originally from YGGDRASIL.


Knight of Niflheim apparently seems to be a warrior-type class the grants a user the ability over ice and used it to their advantage in battle.

Known Knights of Niflheim

Abilities and Powers

Knight of Niflheim possesses skills that are related to the element ice.


  • Frost Breath:
  • Ice Pillar:
  • Piercing Icicle:
  • Smite Frost Burn:


  • Frost Aura: This aura makes the Knight of Niflheim's surroundings extremely cold, covering within a 100-meter radius circle.[1] It can cause continuous ice damage and negative conditions to those within their vicinity. For example, it damaged and slowed the foe over time. While this class can suppress its effects and range, they are unable to completely deactivate their aura.[2]


  • Just as the name suggests, Knight of Niflheim could strongly correlate with one of YGGDRASIL's nine worlds, Niflheim.


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