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Knight is the generic term used to refer to specialized warriors in the Overlord series.[1] Besides being a job class name for some, individuals not belonging to the class can still be classified as one to some degree by having different roles elsewhere.


Knights were warriors that were granted knighthood. The Baharuth Empire’s ‘knights’ referred to the common folk who were part of the standing army. On the other hand, the knights of the Kingdom were those who were granted a title of nobility. For example, the third son of a noble household would become a knight, since they were unable to inherit his household. However, since the Kingdom paid the knights handsomely, they only accepted those who were skilled with the sword. It was impossible with only connections even if one were noble.[2]

Known Knights

Known Classes

Known Knight Groups

Known Knight-type Monsters

Abilities and Powers

Knights were trained to wear metal armor and fight with swords and shields.[3] Thus they typically were garbed in Full Platemail.[4] They were warriors that focused on offense.[5] The lance charge was originally a technique used by mounted knights and made with the speed and weight of their mounts behind it.


  • Warrior-Captain was a newly fashioned title for Gazef since there was much opposition to granting him a knighthood.[6]
  • For those who retained the title of honorary knight, proper etiquette dictated that the holder must be referred to by his full name.[7]


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