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Kilineiram is a cursed sword that once belonged to the Black Knight, a member of the Thirteen Heroes, and is currently possessed by the leader of Blue Roses, Lakyus.


Kilineiram is one of the Black Knight’s four Swords of Darkness. While this sword is originally from YGGDRASIL, it was once in the possession of a Cursed Knight. After its owner passed away, this blade enters into circulation for at least two hundred years until it fell into the hands of Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra, the leader of Blue Roses.[1] 


The weapon is about the size of a bastard sword, complete with a sheath. Supposedly, the blade is as black as the night. The grip is described as beautiful, inlaid with a black sapphire that is embedded into the pommel that is like a brightly burning flame.[2]


Kilineiram is regarded as one of the strongest blades among the Swords of Darkness. Lakyus stated that how only a woman of faith like her can suppress this weapon's demonic power. Ainz believed that this weapon may have the ability to release waves of darkness is something which a Cursed Knight possesses among its various special abilities. During Jaldabaoth's invasion of Re-Estize, it is apparently true since Lakyus was able to use a move that generated an energy of darkness around the blade and launch it at multiple targets with the intent to kill.[3][4]


  • It is believed that this sword was created from condensing endless negative dark energy.
  • It is said to possess enough power to destroy a country, though Ainz thought that this might be an exaggeration.[5]
  • Being a cursed weapon, the sword corrupts the mind of its user, though it is possible to resist it to a certain degree. However, this is actually false and is just the delusions of Lakyus.


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