Ki Master is a job class that hailed originally from YGGDRASIL.


Ki Master is a class that has control over the usage of ki either physically or spiritually.

Known Ki Masters

Known Classes

  • Ki Master
  • Ki Master: Spiritual
  • Ki Master: Physical

Abilities and Powers

Just as the name suggested, this class seems to involve the mastery of channeling ki.


  • Palm of the Puppeteer: Use Ki to make a target unconscious and obey the user. Activates by touching the target's forehead.[1]
  • Presence Search: It was a special skill that could tell the user the numbers and difference in strength. If there was too large a level gap, be it an undead or a construct, this ability could not be used on them. But it could detect invisible presences, and was used often.[2]


  • Ki Sense (Not an official name): Feels signals of life in the user's surroundings.


  • Sebas seems to have more amount of class levels invested into Ki Master: Spiritual than Ki Master: Physical.[3]
  • Unlike Sebas, two of the New World's inhabitants had levels in a similar job class, Ki Master.[4][5]


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