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Ki Master (キマスター) is a job class that hailed originally from YGGDRASIL.


Ki Master is a class that has control over the usage of ki either physically or spiritually.

Known Ki Masters

Known Classes

  • Ki Master
  • Ki Master: Spiritual
  • Ki Master: Physical

Abilities and Powers

Just as the name suggested, this class seems to involve the mastery of channeling ki. They could use ki to heal just about any form of physical injury. However, although ki could heal physical injuries, it could not help with poisoning or diseases as well if they do not have the skills for it.[1]


  • Palm of the Puppeteer: Use Ki to make a target unconscious and obey the user. Activates by touching the target's forehead.[2]
  • Presence Search: It was a special skill that could tell the user the numbers and difference in strength. If there was too large a level gap, be it an undead or a construct, this ability could not be used on them. But it could detect invisible presences, and was used often.[3]


  • Ki Sense (Not an official name): Feels signals of life in the user's surroundings.


  • Sebas seems to have more amount of class levels invested into Ki Master: Spiritual than Ki Master: Physical.[4]
  • Unlike Sebas, two of the New World's inhabitants had levels in a similar job class, Ki Master.[5][6]


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