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Spoiler Alert Spoiler Alert: WARNING! This page happens to contain a lot of heavy spoilers that are all originated from the Overlord author, Kugane Maruyama and his collection of written works. Anime-only watchers and Manga-only readers, please take some time off to reflect it over for a bit before choosing to expose yourself on reading the information below recklessly.

Khajiit Nolife (カジット・ノーライフ) was one of the top brass of Zurrernorn.


A man that wore a black robe and walked in an impressive manner. He was said to resemble an undead, with sickly white skin and a bald scalp, with arms that seemed to be made of bone and skin, and filthy yellow nails


A dark and somber individual, Khajiit was a confident magic caster who believed in his own power.


Khajiit Nolife infiltrated the city of E-Rantel and secretly operated in its cemetery for six months. In that time, for nearly two months Khajiit and his disciples conducted a ritual to summon a Skeletal Dragon.


Overlord First Half Arc

Main article: Overlord First Half Arc

Khajiit and his disciples had covertly entered into the cemetery one night in preparation to create more undead for his plans. However, they were approached by an adventurer on patrol named Momon. The adventurer demanded what Khajiit and his followers were doing in the cemetery this late. Khajiit after confirming that the adventurer was alone, ordered his two skeletons to throw their torches at him as a distraction. He and his followers then attacked the warrior with fifteen [Magic Arrow]s. Momon was taken off his feet and seemingly died, but Khajiit did not wish to take any chances of other adventurers nearby ordered his men to be vigilant. Not wanting to waste the body he had his disciples investigate the 'corpse'. After confirming Momon was just a worthless copper class adventurer, Khajiit proceeded to conduct a ritual with his followers to make the corpse into an undead. Whilst in the middle of the ceremony, Momon was revealed to be still alive and feigning death.

The disciples were took shocked by his sudden 'revival' that Momon in all absurdity for a warrior casted magic. Using [Twin Maximise Magic Fireball] the adventurer incinerated everyone save Khajiit who used magic to protect himself. Undeterred, Khajiit used his Orb of Death to turn his disciples' corpses into zombies to fight Momon, but the latter used [Fireball] to wipe them to ashes. Khajiit still had a trump card ad unleashed all the negative energy in his magic item, summoning a Skeletal Dragon. The magic caster believed that victory was assured since a Skeletal Dragon supposedly had absolute magic resistance. To his shock, Momon used physical strength and overpowered the undead. Thinking he is up against an A+ adventurer and casts multiple spells to help regenerate and reinforce his dragon. Momon seeing this likewise did the same. The undead and Momon clashed, as the latter's attacks were useless and forced the adventurer to retreat. Khajiit used his magic to heal the damage Momon inflicted. Seeing his to be the true threat, Momon attempted to use [Charm Person] but Khajiit countered the spell. The Skeletal Dragon had Momon on the defensive and the two magic casters traded spells at one another to no avail.

Khajiit them summoned a second Skeletal Dragon which then slammed Momon with its foot. To the surprise of Khajiit, Momon was physically fine and questioned how the adventurer survived without Martial Arts. The dragons continued to attack, and Khajiit was assured of his victory jokingly offered to spare Momon's life if the adventurer begged. Momon having enough of the charade, teleported into the air.[1]

Khajiit lost in thought at his opponent's level of magical mastery, is pierced in the shoulder by Momon from behind using [Dimensional Move]. In pain, the magic caster ordered his Skeletal Dragons to protect him causing Momon to back away. He believes it was an attempt by the adventurer to end it in owe swoop but failed. However Momon states 'he' was merely toying with him and reminding Khajiit he could die. Sensing something odd form his opponent. he ordered his undead to attack Momon confident in their resistance to magic. He was proven wrong when Momon stated his dragons' magical resistance was only applicable to tier 6th magic and below. She unleashed a level above 6th:[Twin Maximise Magic Chain Dragon Lightning]. Khajiit and his dragons were reduced to ashes by the magical attack. All that was left of him were his Orb of Death which was claimed by Momon.[2]

Abilities and Powers

Khajiit could use up to the third tier magic and was skilled at making undead monsters. Additionally, he was a powerful authority as one of the ten leading members of Zurrernorn. He is also assumed to be a competent teacher in magic, as he taught six of his disciples, all which could use magic better than the average magic caster. Khajiit's power by his own admission was strongest when in E-Rantel's graveyard. Due to the powerful ambient negative energy from the deceased, though mostly were composed of low-tier undead, was a suitable venue for Khajiit. And with his presence, he could store all the negative life force, in order to create a birthing place for high-tier undead.  Khajiit also possessed a skill to detect for any signs of life.


  • Dark Vision: A spell that enhances vision to see in the dark.
  • See Through Invisible: A spell that enhances vision to see through invisibility.
  • Magic Arrow: A a tier-one spell and the lowest form of attributeless attack magic.
  • Energy Protection Fire:  A defensive magic that protects the user from being burned. Though it is at a level below [Energy Immunity Fire].  
  • Ray of Negative Energy: A blast of negative energy that can heal an undead.
  • Reinforce Armour: A spell that reinforces a target.
  • Lesser Strength: A spell at adds to a target's strength.
  • Undead Flame: A spell used to increase an undead's false life force.
  • Shield Wall: A spell used to harden a target.
  • Mind of Undeath: A spirit canceling magic.
  • Acid Javelin: A javelin had the ability to cause corrosive damage.


  • Unnamed Staff: A tool of his which he used to walk.
  • Orb of Death: A intelligent magical artifact that can control the undead and subtly mind control the user.



Khajiit confronted Narberal as Momon. He was perplexed and confused on how the supposed adventurer was able to easily counter his Skeletal Dragon with physical force alone despite being a magic caster and copper adventurer. He was killed alongside his two Skeleton Dragons.


  • In the Light Novel, his name was changed to Khajiit Dale Badantel by the author. Plus his backstory was expanded as were his motivations for delving into necromancy as a way to bring back his deceased mother.


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