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Katana (刀) is a traditional Japanese sword.


Katanas were introduced into the New World by the Eight Greed Kings around five hundred years ago. To this day, they are looked upon as a popular item sought out by many warriors. The only place they are forged and produced is located in the fallen capital of the Eight Greed King's empire, Eryuentiu.


Their appearance is exactly the same as the World of 2138's counterparts, with the standard long but thin blade and same standard hilt design.


Despite being non-magical weapons, katanas are praised for their sharpness. The New World inhabitants hold them in high regard as they possess a superior cutting ability compared to ordinary magic weapons.[1]


  • The price to obtain a katana is said to make one's eyes explode.
  • Brain Unglaus owns such a blade that he specifically bought to defeat Gazef Stronoff.[2]
  • One of the weapons used by Platinum Dragon Lord against Shalltear was a katana.[3]
  • After Cocytus defeated Brain Unglaus in combat, he claimed both the body and katana as trophies.[4]


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