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Karnassus City-State Alliance (カルサナス都市国家連合) is a nation located east of the Baharuth Empire.


The Karnassus City-State Alliance, usually referred to as simply the "City-State Alliance" is a union of multiple races and cities. Humans do not appear to be in the majority that make up the whole population of the city states, however some cities were said to have at least half of their population consisting of humans. Each city, including the other territories, hold on average a population of 400,000, with the largest city having 600,000 people.

The City-States's national hero is the Black Knight and the Brave is also known to be originated here. The infamous assassin organisation Ijaniya has it's base of operations in the City-States as well.[1]


If one were to rewind time back a few centuries, there was once huge nation that was the origin of the City-State Alliance. Following that country’s collapse, fourteen city-states popped up, each with a metropolis at its center. After that happened, there was much bloodshed between the city-states or rather, small countries.

In a way, these newly independent small countries were not on good terms with each other. As a matter of fact, they were in a state of near constant war, with the states uniting and splitting ad nauseam. This continued until an event now known as the Great Debate, at which the current alliance between the twelve city-states were formed.

City-State Tournament

Despite the unification of the City-States, it is still difficult for the multi-racial inhabitants to abandon their prejudices towards each other. While the days of conflict between the states is already distant history to shorter-lived races, to those with longer lifespans it is still recent memory.

For this reason, to create an outlet for these past grudges, a tournament between the states is held every four years. Great importance is placed on this tournament being properly prepared, especially following an accident where there was a riot after one city failed to include one of the tourney's traditional events.

Equestrian King

At some point, the City-State Alliance made a powerful enemy in the form of the mysterious Equestrian King, who would periodically attack the nation. Unfortunately, the nation's military might is independent to each city, forcing weaker cities to resort to drafting levies just to fend him off.


The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

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The Black Knight, a hero of the City-State Alliance, was mentioned by the gathered workers in Count Femel's courtyard.[2]

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

Main article: The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

According to Fluder Paradyne's intelligence on the countries, the City-State Alliance was some distance away from the Baharuth Empire eastward. However, upon consulting both Demiurge and Albedo, Ainz decided that intervening there was not wise.

After the Baharuth Empire's vassalization by the Sorcerer Kingdom, one of its Adamantite Adventurer Groups, Silver Thread Bird relocated to the City-State Alliance.[3]

The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

It has been established that the City-State Alliance has sent in spies within the nation to monitor it, although the higher ups of the Sorcerer Kingdom are already aware of their surveillance over them.[4]

The City State Alliance is also one of the main destinations that the Mithril team Four Armaments considered to run away too after they dealt with the invading undead army as it was the closest best alternative destination to go to.[5]

Currently the next upcoming tournament in the City-State is schedule to happen in four years at the city of Bebad. In addition the City-State Alliance is facing an ongoing attacks from the Equestrian King. However the Mayor of Bebad, Ri Kista Kabelia, though in the middle of preparing for the tournament, is concerned about the rumors of the Sorcerer Kingdom. She requested help from her grandfather, Ri Berun Kabelia to use his connections to gather more concrete intel.[6]

On another note, it was said that Ramposa wanted both his son Zanac and his daughter Renner to seek refuge in the City-State Alliance as the Re-Estize Kingdom’s representatives. However, in the end, neither the two of them chose to flee their nation, deciding to stay behind like what their father is doing.[7]


It was said that humans were the minority in the City State Alliance.


Given its name, the nation seems to be formed by a coalition of independent city-states.

List of City-States

  • Karnassus
  • Beppo Allo
  • East Gaith
  • West Gaith
  • Veneria
  • Greater Listaran
  • Oaknys
  • New Orcneas
  • Grand Wythes
  • Ris
  • Franklin
  • Bebad: Ruled by Ri Kista Kabelia

Military Strength

Little is known about the nation's strength though it appears to be different depending on the city. For example, whenever the country was under attack, Bebad just had to send their levies.

Foreign Relations

Baharuth Empire

The City-States or at least one of its members, the city of Bebad, has amiable relations with the Bloody Emperor through its Mayor.

Sorcerer Kingdom

The City-State Alliance have sent in spies within E-Rantel in order to gain info on it.

Currently due to the geological distance to and from the lands of the Sorcerer Kingdom and the city states, there are a variety of different rumors surrounding the Sorcerer Kingdom that may or may not be true, resulting in a mix of various opinions on the new nation by the Alliance leaders.

Out of all of this mismatched rumors, the most persistent and alarming among them so far is one where the rumor of the infamous group of assassins, Ijaniya, has now been officially assimilated and joined hands with the Sorcerer Kingdom. Due to the organization's main power base being based within the City-State Alliance, this increased the wariness and paranoia the higher ups of the City-State has for the Sorcerer Kingdom.

Re-Estize Kingdom

Prior to its downfall, its been implied that the City-State Alliance and the Re-Estize Kingdom possessed a good diplomatic relationship with each other. As seen where Ramposa III attempted to convince his second son and his youngest daughter to flee to the City-State Alliance upon the Sorcerer Kingdom's deceleration of war. He wanted his children to seek refuge with the alliance and survive by going into exile. This in turn hinted that the higher ups of the City-State Alliance were more than willing to provide refuge to the Re-Estize Royal family if requested.

Also despite its geological distance, its been shown that immigration between the two nations is also possible, as seen where both Tina and Tia of Blue Roses are known to have originated from the City-State Alliance.



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