Karma is an attribute that hailed from YGGDRASIL, but is also present in the New World.


Back in YGGDRASIL, Karma has a degree of influence over the game's mechanics such as the strength of different abilities and spells including Super-Tier Magic, the kind used by Yamaiko that have an effect on those with positive Karma.


Depending on how high or low your karma values are, it can determined the power output of skills or even spells like Uriel regardless of the difference in tier magic level.[1] On one hand, it can go as far as to dictate the action of AIs under various circumstances.[2] For instance, there was a demon NPC called Mephistopheles who was famous for spouting tsundere lines to good-aligned beings.[3] While the other would get strategically targeted by particular items such as Ahura Mazda[4] or in the middle of the battle.

Furthermore, different races like angels for example, have different set of karma values ranging between either positive or negative. There were also some classes which had the penalty of not being able to summon monsters whose karma values were too different from their own. Incidentally, the monsters summoned by those classes got stronger the closer the monsters’ karma values were to their masters.[5] In addition, characters having levels in classes like Evil Slayer can prove to be effective against evil-aligned monsters.[6]

As it originates from YGGDRASIL, the game's mechanic of Karma values continues to represent the characters' alignment or their sense of justice by negative to positive numbers as shown in some of the character sheets provided every Light Novel Volume Release. Not only that, but there were items, spells, and abilities that centers on a person's karma.[7][8] One notable change is that in the New World, the karma value of individuals can even affect a person's decision-making ability to carry out their action. Additionally, Kugane Maruyama has stated that Ainz is an exception to the change.[9] The game's mechanic regarding the changes in Karma values is still based on a person's actions like Buser.[10]

Known Karma Rankings

Extreme Evil

Great Evil

??? Evil


Neutral Evil


Neutral Good


??? Good

Great Good

Extreme Good


  • Players like Bukubukuchagama are capable of manipulating Karma values.[11]
  • Characters like Shalltear Bloodfallen can have their alignment varied in-between the two karma rankings.


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