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Kadomatsu Type Beast (門松型講獣) is a special Chaos Beast type monster from Mass for the Dead.


The monster appears as a kadomatsu. Basically, its body consists of three large bamboos and a box-like body with eyes.


It is a summoned monster of Shiramochi-ō, and due to its connection to its master is immune to mind control. It's revealed that this monster is able to blow fireworks from its bamboo poles.[1]


  • In Mass for the Dead, these monsters invade the Great Tomb of Nazarick infecting an atmosphere of the New Year holiday.[2][3]
  • Kadomatsu is a traditional Japanese New Year decoration which translates as "gate pine." They are traditionally placed in front of homes to welcome ancestral spirits or kami.
  • While labeled as a Chaos Beast, since it emerges from cracks in reality, but unlike Chaos Beasts, it lacks any Chaos Stone composition.


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