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Jashin (邪神) is an Evil God worshiped by members of the cult organization called Zurrernorn.


In the Web Novel, Jashin is depicted to closely resemble the face of Surshana, the God of Death.


Jashin the Evil God was a nameless god, said to be one with death and darkness. Described as the death of all living creatures, the end of existence, an evil without compare.


A god from the realm of myths who built his palace in a land of freezing cold, where he held dominion over the frozen souls of the dead.

In reality, Jashin was a fake persona that was created by Zurrernorn to better manage the cult organization. It was from the start supposed to be something believed by people that hailed from the Slane Theocracy due to his uncanny similarity with Surshana, the God of Death. Jashin is not worshiped in other countries as his existence is a mere fabrication set up by the higher-ups of Zurrernorn. It was just considered the thing for the ritual, where weak and simple-minded nobles would be misled by this false god, easily allowing an excuse for the killing of human beings.[1]


Overlord Second Half Arc

A secret religious cult revealed its existence to Ainz Ooal Gown believing him to be the Evil God incarnate. Ainz indulged them in accepting two sacrifices. The cult wished for immortality, but Ainz taking in Jashin persona acted angry as they wished to escape from death. Rather than giving them immortality he used his Super-Tier Magic and returned their youth to them. He promised those that benefited him would receive the same boon.

Abilities and Powers

According to Zurrernorn’s lore, Jashin could release a breath-like attack that could freeze souls.

Ainz Ooal Gown was acknowledged by Zurrernorn's followers as the Evil God Jashin incarnate due to how tremendously powerful the magic caster was.[2]


  • Both Surshana and Ainz Ooal Gown are individuals that was thought of as the Evil God Jashin.
  • After Ainz unintentionally confirmed to be Jashin, he unintentionally usurped control of the cult that was actually a subsidiary of Zurrernorn. After this loss, Clementine killed Duke Wimburg in charge and decided to relocate to the Holy Kingdom.


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