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GA Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

Islands of the Unknown and Chaos (未知と混沌の諸島) is a game event in Mass for the Dead that was released on August 17, 2023 to August 31, 2023.


A solitary island connected by the activated 《Gate》. As the reclamation progressed, the hands of the investigation extended to the offshore of the solitary island... to the sea area beyond the unnatural thick fog. According to the information brought back by the advance unit, Albedo and Narberal recognized the value of going there, but――[1]


One day while Albedo was working in the Guest Room, a piece of new arrived from a subordinate. It pertaining to a certain person with a ritual to consult with the Overseer in the near future. According to the summon messenger, the issue isn't something that needs to be rushed and relays that Albedo can raise it when she has spare time. That in mind the summon has another piece of news related to the report it has.

Albedo takes a document from the summon and after reading it agrees that the content isn't too pressing, but there are aspects to the issue that should be addressed as soon as possible. On how to respond, Albedo entertains the idea of catching Entoma Vasilissa Zeta to send a message back, but as the certain someone's direct supervisor she has a responsibility to check on that person. Thus it leads her to adjust her schedule and tells the summon to inform her correspondent to let her know when they are available.

A few days after the exchange, Albedo comes to a special spot in the Great Tomb of Nazarick on the 2nd Floor. There a [Gate] spot is located that discovered by Shalltear Bloodfallen that opened transports a person to the beach of the Mysterious Island. Once Albedo crosses the [Gate], there she is greeted by Narberal Gamma and a Death Knight. Albedo is thankful that the [Gate] has so far remained consistent to its destination, but still is uneasy of putting her faith in the phenomena's strange magical laws. Likewise she thinks that her concern is also shared by "those people", the lizardmen, who migrated to the island who are also present to greet the Overseer Guardian.

In addition is the very person Albedo has come all the way to meet, an imp-form Princess Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself and her bodyguard Climb in dark armor. Renner greets her superior and her entourage for coming to the island. Albedo thanks her and inquires if the princess has gotten used to the accommodations and if she requires any more supplies. The princess reports that her stay with the lizardmen has been without inconvenience, as they have been very kind to her and Climb. Likewise Climb offers his thanks to the Sorcerer Kingdom from the bottom of his heart. Albedo pleased to hear this, extends her thanks to the demi-humans for their hospitality and maintaining their cooperative relationship, one she maintains is without a hierarchical or master-servant relationship.

The words are humbly, but an old lizardman still wishes to express his people's thanks. While not knowing much about proper etiquette, the lizardman promises to emulate to show their respect and gratitude. Albedo finds that acceptable and promises to inform the Sorcerer King of their nice words.

Narberal who has been silently observing the proceedings muses that the island can only be access via the interior of Nazarick, and that it is only natural for the inferior lizardmen to be grateful as there is no other way. Then her attention turns to Renner and Climb who she notes that the two faced some resistance for staying on the island, and thinks the newcomers are being disrespectful. However she keeps her dissatisfaction to herself as Renner is Albedo's direct subordinate, but still finds it grating that there is an outside influence in Nazarick. Still she knows that she is being prejudice and decides that out of mercy she will accept the two....for now.

Albedo takes a moment to consider her thoughts, before being prompted by Renner, who the Overseer Guardian wants to confirm some details of the report Renner sent. The princess then offers to guide Albedo, with Climb providing some commentary of the island's status since Albedo last visited. From his words, the route in the forest has been cleared of monsters mostly. Albedo muses that there are still monsters emerging from the sea, and she gave standing orders to refrain from hunting them all, even when attacked. Though its a minor problem, Albedo doesn't hold Renner accountable for the issue, as she is the one who gave the orders. Since she wanted to maintain a stable ecosystem on the island as any drastic changes could destroy it. Plus the monsters from the sea are of a different variety than the ones found in the Re-Estize Kingdom and are a rarity.

However if the monsters get in the way of the reclamation of the island, Albedo supposes that the monsters will have to be culled, despite the difficulty of dealing with monsters from the sea and understanding their nesting habits. To Narberal, Albedo tells the maid that she doesn't want to spend to much time moving around the island and asks Narberal to be ready to fight should an enemy appear.

Next at the newly constructed base of the island in the forest, where the reclamation of the island is being directed, Albedo summed up the results of her inspection. She notes that things are proceeding well, from the expansion of living space for their workers and the construction of the new harbor along the coast. This is all made possible due to the undead labor force, but the fact that Renner has made such progress in a short time, leads Albedo to personally recommend the princess to Momonga. Her words humble Renner and Albedo even goes on to say that Renner's schedule has shown nothing but flexibility in the face of disruptions and unexpected elements to the point the results are still in 100% acceptability.

Renner accepts the praise, though adds that the lizardmen deserve some in the evaluation. Narberal is annoyed by what she sees and how Albedo is praising such an inferior creature, Even more so towards Climb who was given an item to change races like his mistress. Albedo turns her attention to Climb and thanks the boy for his hard work in supporting his mistress which Climb thanks her for, adding that even though he changed races, he has not regained his strength and believes his escort role is lacking still. Renner tells her bodyguard that there is no need to panic, as they have plenty of time to compensate Climb's power.

Albedo adds that Climb should be honored as the armor Climb wears was personally gifted by Momonga as a "mark of welcome" and asks how he feels wearing it. Climb states that he can't draw out its true value and feels that its a wonderful piece of equipment and is undeserving of it. Renner then adds that the Sorcerer King may have given the item to Climb so that he becomes a warrior worthy of the armor and advises to do his best, which Climb agrees.

Narberal sees that the armor is just another collar to keep Renner in line using Climb, and wonders if the princess suspects anything. Albedo notices Narberal's brooding, and asks if there is anything the matter, which the Pleiades brushes off stating its nothing. Albedo then wishes to go on the next topic, one that requires Renner's direct consultation. Renner agrees as this topic is about the exploration of the land beyond the sea, through the thick fog that surrounds the island.[2]

Once hearing the details of Renner's consultation, Albedo and Narberal return to Nazarick, Renner asks how Climb is, which the escort replies that he was a bit taken by the situation. Renner teases him if he was shocked by the beauty of their hosts. which Climb does not deny, but admits that there is something else. To himself he had the distinct impression that there was some murderous intent from Narberal.

Climb asks Renner is she truly has no regrets. As far as he knows, Climb is aware that he was either killed by a Chaos Beast or an unknown threat and thus could not be revived normally. He is only alive thanks to the mysteries possessed by the Sorcerer Kingdom which required him to change his race to be revived. Hence the boy once human is now a demon, which he finds suiting to serve the kingdom for its kindness. However for Renner, he feels that she should not continue to associate herself with him and change her race as a demon as well.

Renner is adamant on her choice, and declares that no matter how many times her warrior asks her this, she will always give the same answer. Originally, the condition for reviving Climb was that Renner was to become the Sorcerer Kingdom's subordinate and use her brains for its benefit. It was an exchange she was willing to do as she did not want to lose Climb. And neither could she stand the thought that Climb could become someone else's after she died, though Renner claims she realized these ugly desires when she almost lost Climb. So her choice of becoming a heteromorph with no limit of lifespan and spending an eternity with Climb leaves Renner with no regrets.

Even though Climb has heard this once before, is still left stunned by the reason and wonders to himself on why he has continued to question of Renner's choice. With some reflection, the former human, wonders if his feelings are due to instinctive prejudice against the Sorcerer Kingdom filled with heteromorphic races such as demons and undead. There is aa vague sense of anxiety as to whether it is alright to be working for the nation, but Climb as a distinct feeling he is forgetting something. He gets the impression that beside Narberal and some of the people of the Sorcerer Kingdom, some seem to have mysterious strong feelings towards him and the princess.

Renner seeing he is still worried about their fates, tells him that it his doubts may be related to the battle when he died, as it must have left a deep scar on his heart. So deep that even he can't fathom it. She assures him that it will heal in time and perhaps he will forget it. The imp princess then embraces him, causing Climb's vague anxieties and resistance to the Sorcerer Kingdom to melt away into the darkness of the night.

Later at the Round Table Room, a day after receiving advice from Renner, Albedo and Narberal reported the details to Momonga. Momonga is very interest to learn that the land beyond the unnatural fog is an archipelago consists of multiple islands. Albedo includes in her report that furthermore, in the distance, one can see land that appears to be the coastal area of a continent. But before investigate that landmass the first order of business would be to focus on the archipelago. Currently a mixed unit of lizardmen and summons are exploring the area.

Momonga then asks about the consultation session with Renner, who is in charge of the investigation of area. The Overseer Guardian admits that there is a problem. First of all, regarding the investigation, at present the princess reported that they have not been able to confirm the "existence of anyone capable of communication". There are no traces of any intelligent beings in the archipelago. But several islands seems to produce ores that are a of rare class to the standards of this area and could be a source of funds.

To Momonga these two pieces of information are good news. But is ever cautious of anyone posing a threat to their operations, such as equally ranked players. Demiurge present asks about "threats without intelligence", which Albedo states that the islands do possess a large presence of Chaos Beasts, indicating that there are Cracks in the region. The monsters have been confirmed on multiple islands, but Albedo is unable to track their source at the moment as it may be one of the islands.

Demiurge curious requests a distribution map of the Chaos Beasts and Albedo complies, providing him with a map of the islands thus far explored. After examining it, the male demon deduces a specific island to be the source where all the Chaos Beasts have originated due to the numbers. Demiurge makes a note that the island is in close proximity to the coastal region of the nearby continent.

Momonga then notices Narberal quietness and asks if she is having trouble keeping up with the conversation. The maid at first tries to polite refrain from speaking out of respect, but Momonga insists she speak her mind and asks his two aides to assist the maid in understanding what idea they are coming to in regards to the continent. Albedo then takes over that the issue is their concern about the number of Chaos Beast on this specific island, which to Narberal doesn't seem particularly strange given its the source of the Chaos Beast outbreak.

Albedo elaborates that these Chaos Beasts had just spawned and from their intel Chaos Beasts tend to gravitate toward beings that are stronger and more numerous. Narberal picks on what her superior is saying, in that the monsters will probably leave the island in search of something strong and groups of people. But there are so few of those on the islands.

Demiurge himself confesses that despite the lack of traces of civilization he would not call it unnatural, but it has led him to two possibilities behind this worrisome phenomenon. One is that there is a possibility that there is no quality or quantity that attracts them within the Chaos Beasts' perceptible range. At the very least small organisms like fish, insects and other creatures surround the Chaos Beasts but are ignored by the monsters.

Considering their past experience with Chaos Beast hordes, where one reached the territory of the Baharuth Empire, in this case, there may not be enough numbles and quality of beings even on the land where the coast is. In other words, the Chaos Beasts have no reason to migrate from the island. The only reason why the monsters started moving to the surrounding islands was due to sensing Nazarick's research team. In fact, the Chaos Beasts have been confirmed to be tailing the research team.

Though there is a second possibility, that the object of the Chaos Beasts' attention on the island is perhaps due to a powerful group of strength and numbers that are being besieged. This could be the explanation of the Chaos Beast horde there and not the location of a possible Crack. Naraberal understands that Nazarick needs to be prepared for all possibilities. Momonga hearing this also now finally understands the concerns of his servants.

Albedo reports that Renner's consultation deals with about how to deal with the Chaos Beasts, which exceeds the ability of the research team. In light of the issue, Albedo asks Momonga to allow herself and Narberal to take care of it. This is a bit surprising to Momonga as if it were just Chaos Beasts, then Narberal and the other Pleiades would be enough. For Albedo to get involved personally is a bit unorthodox.

The Overseer Guardian states that the Chaos Beasts have strength and numbers that are hard to underestimate and so it falls to her who excels in defense to go out. Not only that since they may encounter other intelligent beings there is the possibility that they will be quite powerful and Albedo may be needed to confront them.

Momonga considers her words and admits that bringing in the protagonist for negotiations with these possible beings would have been preferable, but as of right now doing so would be difficult. Demiurge attempts to volunteer to go on the assignment since he is in charge of external investigations. Albedo objects as the [Gate] in Nazarick on the second floor connecting to the sea should be treated as an internal part of the dungeon, hence within Albedo's jurisdiction in internal affairs. The Overseer Guardiam make it clear with a dark brooding attitude that she won't let others interfere in her territory. Demiurge relents as it would be natural to adopt such a format for no given Albedo put Renner in charge of the island, though still has his concerns since its a security issue.

Momonga intervenes declaring his praise to Albedo in her willingness to work for Nazarick, though is unhappy with the internal conflict, causing everyone to apologize. The Overlord voices that since Albedo's subordinate came to her with a solution, it should be appropriate for Albedo to see things throughout. To Demiurge Momonga apologizes if he may seem to taking Albedo's side, but explains he does not wish to cause a negative impact between Albedo and Renner. Though Demiurge is the one to apologize for being short-sighted.

At the same time, various thoughts g through each person's head. For Momonga he is worried about the relationship between Albedo and Renner, wondering if Albedo is nervous as acting in charge. Demiurge though wonders if Renner is aware of Albedo's attention, and while Albedo in question looks forward to using Renner's brain, almost anticipating the prospect of her charge using her wits to try and hurt Nazarick, while she is watching so she can enact some discipline. Not only that she plans to ask the lizardmen on their interactions with Renner to add to her evaluation.

Before ending the meeting, Albedo has one for item she wishes to bring to Momonga's ear. Demiurge is cautiously watching the interaction, amusing Albedo who tells the other demon not to worry about her going crazy. That its would not be necessary to summon the Eight-Edge Assassins to restrain her. Momonga still embarrassed by the past incident, then has Albedo tell him what she wants. This last item is actually from Narberal who proposed it based on the upcoming mission to Momonga surprised and pride that the maid who rarely speaks made a suggestion.[3]

At a later date on the solitary island beyond the [Gate], Renner greets Albedo and Narberal, having never expected her superior to directly assist her. Both NPCs are wearing new swimwear equipment and Albedo expresses her happiness on being present. Renner is all too aware of the authority Albedo possesses, as the leader of the Floor Guardians, and that this session is a method of closely "paying attention" to her which means Albedo is letting the princess know that she isn't overlooking one small change.

And though Renner has not intention of betraying the Sorcerer King, who made her dream come truth and is a more frightening person than she could possibly imagine and doesn't think she could, wants to make sure that there are no misunderstandings. Renner then finally asks about the two women's attire, which Albedo takes time to explain they are wearing swimsuits. Given their upcoming explorations of the islands, the equipment seemed appropriate to wear as suggested by Narberal.

The swimsuits though are all ninja-theme, and is no coincidence as the equipment was worn by Narberal's is from her creator, Nishikienrai, and Albedo decided to follow the trend by selecting one that had similar traits. The princess though understanding that they swimsuits are water-repellent asks if that there is any other special properties in the magic items. She is given an answer that besides being advantageous in waterside combat, these specific swimsuits are most suitable for "covert action" and "exploration". Though granted it drops Albedo's direct combat ability.

Renner turns the discussion to the target island in question, where most likely where the intelligent beings are being besieged inside a large cave, according to their intelligence reports, somewhere in a rocky mountain that covers more than half of the island's area. It is assumed that the entrance to the siege must be blocked or hidden. The situation described by her subordinate highlight all the traits their equipment will prepare them for.

Narberal to herself states that their purpose is to explore and do covert action and normally Aura or CZ would be assigned this task, but she and Albedo are more qualified to deal with large numbers of Chaos Beasts. She is relieved that her equipment change was accepted and is glad that she can put her creator's equipment to use. Narberal had been worried that her suggestion would have been rejected, but due to the critical importance of exploring the cave on the island, her ninja-style swimsuit idea was approved.

Likewise Albedo is delighted to wearing her swimsuit, admitting to hiding her pleasure from Demiurge to give off that she was enjoying how things turned out. Back in Momonga's office, the Overlord has a bad feeling that maybe he should have said something about the swimsuits the two NPCs were equipped with.

Climb seeing the swimsuits notices that they are similar to those worn by the women of Blue Roses. Noticing his gaze, Narberal disdainfully asks why he is turning such as disrespectful gaze on her and Albedo. This flusters Climb who tries to apologies though only earns him annoyance from the woman. Renner apologies for Climb on her behalf, but Albedo is sympathetic as it is only natural for them to be given glances considering their provocative equipment. And expresses regret towards Narberal's stern attitude.

Before they depart, Albedo has a favor to ask of Climb. Since he and the other lizardmen would be accompanying them, she asks him to assist her in checking the strength of each demi-human and their equipment so that they are ready to fight. What she is asking is a mock duel between her and Narberal against Climb and the lizardmen so the former group can get used to their equipment. The bodyguard complies to set the task in motion.

After fully testing out the "power" of the Sorcerer Kingdom's representatives through mock battles, Albedo decides to resume her mission leaving Renner behind to do her inspection of the island while she takes custody of Climb for her mission. From a docked ship by the reef of the island, three lizardmen wave, reporting that they will soon be ready to set sail. Albedo is satisfied by the news and looks on at the harbor facilities of the island which were constructed by excavating part of the rocky terrain, with a pier set up as well.

Albedo comments that their vessel is not so bad either, which Narberal explains that it is expected, as it's a ship made by the Sorcerer Kingdom. The maid asks the lizardmen on how long will it take them to reach their destination? The helmsman states that although there may be changes due to weather conditions, etc., it is thought that they will arrive in about four hours. Albedo believes that should be normals as, more than half of the stories about traveling through the fog align with that time frame.

The captain of the ship reports that the fog is not harmful like poison, nor does it possess an undead reaction like the haze of the Katze Plains. However, even if something comes close, it will block your vision to the extent that you won't be able to notice it easily. Albedo understands and states that they will need to be particularly vigilant while navigating through the fog. According to rumors, it seems that the fog has begun to be seen. But since it will be a while before the ship enters it Albedo will listen to the lizardmen and Climb about Renner's work. Narberal offers to stand on guard whilst they head through the fog.

After a while, the ship proceeded toward the fog surrounding the sea. Two hours have passed since the ship entered the interior of the fog. Albedo studies the scene, noting that the fog is thick enough to darken the surroundings...and even the island, so much so that it's unnatural for a mere natural phenomenon. But according to the information the protagonist gathered---in this world, there are "special environmental changes"...with phenomena that would not normally occur in a wide range.

The lizardman helmsman assures his mistress that they will soon be out of the fog. She then tells Narberal t stand down, though the maid is still tense as she wants to be more careful from now on. As Albedo had said, it's possible that the Chaos Beasts may have sensed Albedo's and her presence and are lying in wait in the sea.

Climb having come out on deck and overheard her states that they will be careful. Narberal though tells him to return to the hold as he is a hindrance against large Chaos Beasts, leaving the boy apologetic. Albedo more kinder assures him that she brought him here to assist her, and has no intention of putting him, who is not at his best yet, or the lizardmen who are cooperating with them, in excessive danger. When it comes to fighting she doesn't mind if they rely on her. Climb thanks for Albedo for her consideration. Narberal is mute on the thanks given to her superior. Despite the awkward atmosphere, the ship and crew finally safely gets through the fog.[4]

After clearing the fog, the group proceeds on their ship and arrived at their destination island. Albedo studies the island and muses that it has good climate and vegetation, similar to their solitary island although the shape of the coastline is different. Narberal also finds that the sealine has visible islands. Their observations are interrupted when a group of Chaos Beasts approach the landing party.

Albedo comments that there appears to be more Chaos Beasts than expected. A frighten lizardman states that they notes the presence of the monsters only from a distance in their last investigation, but seeing them in front of them is still worrisome. Climb is not concerned as the numbers don't hold a candle to the 30,000 Chaos Beasts that Jaldabaoth showed him and his people, but he supposes to the lizardmen the group of monsters is a large number.

Albedo then calls forth several Death Knights from the ship's hold, who disembark unto the beach and orders them escort Climb and the others and to use themselves as shields to protect their charges. Narberal finds it annoying to be working with the lower creatures, as the demi-humans and Climb were only brought on so they can share their information on the destination island. She doesn't expect them to be useful, putting her faith in the Death Knights that were created by Pandora's Actor.

Albedo seemingly understanding her worries, tells the maid for now look ahead. Once the Chaos Beasts have been wiped from the beach, the group reached near the entrance of the cave, where most likely presence of "sentient beings" was. Albedo has orders to have all Chaos Stones collected as their spoils by their summons. The sight of the undead, Albedo and Narberal defeating the Chaos Beasts stuns the demi-human crew, but leaves them in awe at the strength of the Sorcerer Kingdom.

Climb especially notes that Albedo's strength seems to be equal to or greater than that of Jaldabaoth, and perhaps even the protagonist. Narberal points out that Climb is staring at Albedo too intently for her liking causing him to be flustered for his rudeness. Albedo senses that it was not rude and or a meaningful gaze, so she doesn't mind. Also, she tells Narberal, that even though they have different positions, it's not the kind of thing to say "like" to a comrade from the same country. Narberal offers her apologies for the confusion, but still is struggling to treat the former human as a contemporary despite her orders.

Albedo then directs her party to be cautious when the enter the cave as it may be currently besieged. She and Narberal will go ahead, so the Climber and the others will be a little further away from them. Since the inside is dark and there is a risk of division, she tells them to stay close and to stay behind the Death Knights guarding them.

Inside the cave, Narberal gets the feeling that the cave is very similar to that of the first solitary island. Albedo agrees that the rock compositions are very close. It seems that ore can be mined from the caves on the islands around here, so it might be the same if we dig deeper into the caves on the revious solitary island. She'd still like to confirm whether ore can be mined from this cave, but---before she goes on they encounter a pack of Chaos Beasts.

Albedo is disappointed as she hoped that the ones on the beach were all the Chaos Beasts that were drawn out by their arrival. But it seems that there are still Chaos Beasts left in the cave. Narberal is confused as their presence should have drawn all the monsters to the surface, but Albedo believes that maybe there's someone nearby to besiege so maybe the Chaos Beasts are prioritizing attacking the people in the cave. Having no choice but to fight, the women opt to remove all obstacles to their exploration.[5]

The group travel smoothly into the cave as they continue to explore it all while eliminating the Chaos Beasts that are obstacles in their path. However, only one person, Narberal, was driven by a little impatience. While Albedo goes ahead at the next turn in the cave to look for traps, she has Narberal hang back to protect the rest of their party. The order is complied, albeit grudgingly by Narberal. Narberal and the rest wait in silence, but to the maid who's senses can still hear the slightest sound of breathing, compounded with the vile idea of working with less creatures, is unbearable to her. And while she can understand that it's bad for someone who is an ally and collaborator of the same nation to think these things, she finds her tolerance level reach its tipping point.

However she resists the idea as she has already frightened the frail creatures enough and does not want to sully the name of the Sorcerer Kingdom. At this point, all Narberal wishes to for Climb and the lizardmen to please refrain from calling out to her any more...as it would be better not to look at each other as much as possible so that they don't see her disgust and murderous intent.

Albedo soon arrives back and Narberal quickly greets her. The Overseer Guardian reports that she couldn't find any traces of traps, entrances to siege sites, or intelligent beings. Before she can finish more Chaos Beasts emerge from the darkness. This leads to Albedo thinking that they may be getting closer to their destination. She then notices something amiss with Narberal, but the latter covers her emotions by claiming to having a desire to exterminate the Chaos Beasts immediately.

Narberal manages to fool Albedo with her excuse to hide her uncomfortable disdain for the lower creatures, but knows that she can't hold it in for long. So she keeps telling herself that the Sorcerer Kingdom plans to welcome people from outside if they have value in the future, and plan to strengthen the nation. In some cases, that may include even lowly humans. Narberal can't see why she has an issue as she welcomed those like Hamsuke and Kyuko, as she can see with her own eyes that they are worthy to work with, loyal, and love her master.

But even if all these considerations in her head that they would bring benefits to the Sorcerer Kingdom, when I worked with them, Narberal feels that she might not be able to hide her disgust for them like she does now. Such an attitude invites hostility from those who were supposed to bring benefits to the Sorcerer Kingdom and may cause damage to it, and to the Supreme Being.

Narberal can already sense the damage as Climb and the lizardmen already fear her and believes its only a matter of time before it turns into hostility. Still she feels like she's going to throw up when she's near them, and wonders maybe she can alleviate it by having them go into a good mood somehow but is at a loss.

Albedo seeing Narberal's discomfort suggests the maid take it easy. Narberal asks if its obvious which to Albedo it is, as she sees that the maid has been ignoring Climb and the lizardmen all this time. Narberal feeling ashamed, apologizes. Albedo then asks Narberal to stand away while she speaks with Climb and the lizardmen. Obeying Narberal curses herself on her big blunder.[6]

After Albedo talked to Climb about something, the group continued exploring the cave. In the end, it seems that the reason why there are so many Chaos Beasts on the island is not because there are sentient beings as Albedo originally thought——-instead it is due to being at the nexus of a giant Crack in the underground.

Climb adds that Renner also mentioned several possibilities, but...it looks like the Chaos Beasts that emerged from that Crack had nothing to attack, and remained clustered on the island. At first, they would have attacked the creatures living in the surrounding sea, but...according to the results of the additional survey Albedo heard on the ship, they haven't been able to confirm any large creatures living in the nearby sea.

So far prey for the Chaos Beasts have been limited to some crustacean whose corpses were found. Albedo is slightly disappointed as it would have been best if they could have obtained new information about this area by negotiating with intelligent beings...but on the other hand they don't have to deal with any nasty intelligent enemies which is good news.

The downside though is they have to contend with the Chaos Beasts which include a Giant Chaos Beast, Warrior Chaos Beast, and Quadruped Chaos Beast. As long as there are Cracks, it's only natural that there will be another enemy. Seeing the strong enemies, Albedo wonder if they sent the other Chaos Beasts out of the cave. If they are as strong as the ones Albedo encountered in the past, she is confident that she can handle them as she is, but just in case, Albedo asks Narberal to assist her.

Narberal is more than eager to jump in, though Albedo reminds her to not let her guard down. Before going to engage the monsters, Albedo tells Climb and the lizardmen party to be careful as even though the miasma is thin, it could still be dangerous.

The group fight the Chaos Beasts, and Albedo deals damage to two of the boss Chaos Beasts at the same time. But Narberal, who was entrusted with the diversion of the other one, the Quadruped Chaos Beast, is having some difficulty as even after being blasted by an [Electro Sphere] the monster refused to go down. Narberal blames it on not possessing her normal equipment, but feels that there is no guarantee she will be able to defeat it on her own.

She missed blocking an attack, but before the Quadruped lands it on her, Climb parries it. He is not alone as some of the lizardmen back him up to protect Narberal. This act astonishes Narberal, as Climb offers his pardon for intruding on her battle but felt he had to intervene as the Chaos Beast was trying to exploit Narberal's openings. This makes Narberal silently chastise herself for being so unprofessional as she didn't think her defenses showed that much of a noticeable gap, as she only intended to expose herself to being vulnerable so she can draw her opponent to a feint. She was timing to dodge the blow that Climb blocked and then counterattack, so their aid was was useless, but is confusing as why the people who she considers lesser creatures are helping her.

Climb tells her that he actually, just heard about the "situation" from Albedo. The lizardmen also add that they wish to help her even if it is uncomfortable for her. This only serves to confuse Narberal even more as to why these lesser beings are saying such things and what circumstances brought this attitude. Albedo then calls Narberal that she is having difficulty with one of the stragglers, so she won't be able to join their fight so asks the maid to rely on Climb and the demi-humans.

Narberal complies with Albedo's order. Climb and the lizardmen state that while they may seem hinderances, they are willing to fight to the best of their abilities and protect her adding more befuddlement to Narberal. Clueless to where this strange motivation is coming from, Narberal would prefer that they refrain from it because it's an eyesore and can get in the way of the fight but turns her focus on her opponent and test out the equipment given to her by Nishikienrai.[7]


After dealing with the large Chaos Beasts inside the cave and completing the search, the group return to the beach where their ship is docked. A summon aboard welcomes the party back and provides Albedo the results of the re-investigation ordered in advance. As expected, no living creatures can be seen on the surrounding islands. There are what appear to be carcasses, but like those in the sea, they appear to have been hunted down by Chaos Beasts.

Despite finding no intelligent beings, Albedo believes that have made an accomplishment. What's interesting is that there used to be life on the surrounding islands. In other words, the large number of Chaos Beasts on the current island had once dispersed to the surrounding area to hunt them, and then gathered again on this island. From what they know of Chaos Beast behavior, if the target prey is wiped out, Chaos Beasts may have a tendency to wait near the Crack that gave birth to it. This has proven true in the experiment inside Nazarick, where the "prey" which includes the NPCs who cannot be annihilated. It can be said that this is a habit on the island was something they could not have discovered. Thus this was a result that exceeded Albedo's expectations in the sense that she realizes that there are still many unknowns about the mysterious creatures.

Narberal asks if the information is really importance? To which Albedo confirms to some extent. Just to be sure, Albedo will consider other possibilities before sharing with the rest. More than that, Albedo has something to say to Narberal. It concerns why Narberal has been staying away from Climb and the others and "circumstances'' she told them,

Narberal would very like to know about the circumstances.. From what Albedo tells her its a totally fictitious "circumstance'' that she fabricated. With the underlined question: "Why does Narberal hate outsiders so much?" Albedo notes that the group had asked her why she hates and despises trash that has no value, and all she can say is that it's trash that has no value.

Albedo though told Climb and the others that "Narberal and some of the members of the Sorcerer Kingdom had terrible and sad experiences during conflicts with outside forces in the past.'' Because of this, Albedo explained that Narberal can't help but feel wary of and hate the outside world.

In other words...they believed in Albedo's fictional past and were motivated in helping Narberal out of pity. To Albedo inferior beings deserve to be hated for their inferiority, but giving them this little lie of a story is more suiting. Hearing this Narberal wonders if from the beginning Albedo had anticipated that it would be difficult for her to treat them in a favorable manner, and had taken measures to avoid the harm that would result from her incompetence.

Albedo on this matter is happy Narberal lent her ear and found her distaste for humans only to be natural and apologies when she did not tell the maid in advance of her scheme to manipulate the others. Narberal is not discouraged by this as she admits that her acting skills are subpar compared to Solution and would have mucked up if she was in on it. With this the two women were able to deceive Climb and the others so smoothly because Narberal exuded genuine hatred and contempt.

All the more, Narberal thinks this plan was the best choice. In fact Albedo had predicted her blunder and even took measures to cover it, so Narberal only wishes to express her gratitude. Albedo states that she did not only do this for Narberal , but also for those others in Nazarick who are resistant to accepting outsiders, so this time was just a test case.

And while it's a bad habit to be be unable suppress "honest" feelings towards lower creatures, there are ways to put it to good use. For example, Albedo states they can divide the roles like with the carrot and stick, and use the "honest" attitude to smooth out interrogation and conciliation, or if you bond with love like we did today, then the fangs of disturbing elements will also come out.

As the Overseer Guardian, Albedo thinks it is natural for her to maximize the benefits of Nazarick by inviting lower creatures inside as necessary under these circumstances. On the other hand, as part of her role, she also believe that she needs to support, those who are her natural companions, and not allow them to feel stifled by this. That's why Albedo is so happy that Narberal was able to prove that she can use her "honest" bad feelings for the good of Nazarick. And saw nothing wrong to distort everyone's way of being for the sake of lower creatures.

Narberal is touched that Albedo had thought that far for her and the others in Nazarick and swears to never forget this kindness and someday, will definitely repay her in some way. On that Albedo suggests that could be done through the ongoing dispute with Shalltear for being the rightful wife of Momonga. But first of all, asks Narberal to lend her strength as needed to explore these islands and the coasts of what appears to be the continent. Narberal complies to her superior as she bowed deeply in gratitude to Albedo, who watched her with a truly satisfied smile.

After completing their purpose and returning to Nazarick, the two immediately reported to Momonga at the Round Table Room. There Momonga expresses interest that there were no intelligent beings to be found, but that after locating the Crack, a new discovery was made about the nature of the Chaos Beasts.

Above all, it is wonderful that by using Narberal as a test case, they were able to create a successful example of making it easier for people who have a strong dislike of outsiders to interact harmoniously with the people they are suppose to welcome.

Albedo and Narberal still clad in their swimsuits, are honored by his compliments. Even Demiurge is impressed by their feat, and praises Albedo unreservedly. He then asks about Climb, which he guess Albedo's scheme also serves as a way to deal with the issue that Renner was concerned about. In which Climb still believes that he needed to transform into a heteromorph in order to be revived, so he puts himself forward. He seemed to have vague concerns and suspicions about their nation that turned even Renner into a heteromorph.

That is one of the reasons why he feels uneasy, and by presenting the "reason'' of the dark feelings that people from the Sorcerer Kingdom have toward them, Albedo is confident to say that Climb has received a response that seems to alleviate his anxiety and suspicion. All in all Momonga calls it great achievement as they managed to nip away a small discord in the bud.

Momonga is then given a report by Albedo on the estimated military strength needed to deal with the Chaos Beasts that spring up from the newly discovered Crack and to conduct a detailed investigation of the islands. On this Momonga asks Demiurge of his assessment. From the demon, he say in addition to the undead troops created by Momonga and Pandora's Actor he thinks it would be appropriate to extract military strength from his subordinates as well as there are many people with experience in outside activities.

Momonga then asks Demiurge to organize a dispatch unit. The forces left behind on the island with the Crack by Albedo will probably be able to deal with the situation to some extent, but they should at least prepares a system as soon as possible, so that the losses will be reduced. Demiurge the heeds his master's order and heads out to complete it.

Momonga now alone with the women suggests that the two should go back to their rooms and get enough rest as the earliest they can return to normal business is tomorrow. Narberal understands and expresses her sincere gratitude to Nishikienrai for allowing her to use the swimsuits provided by him. On that Momonga believes his old comrade would be happy too.

Albedo accepts his words but has one last question she needs Momonga to answer. It regards the equipment she and Narberal have been using. Momonga gets emotionally uncomfortable on this subject and tries to avoid it, but Albedo is insistent. She wants to know why Momonga had said that she doesn't look like a ninja but a kunoichi?

Albedo can only guess, that her outfit also has some excellent color schemes. She doesn't have anything against them, but for future reference, she would like to ask Momonga to tell me in detail on what her color schemes represent. Momonga worried tries to calm down Albedo as the depths of her eyes are reminiscent of her on a rampage.

At this word, the Eight-Edge Assassins fall in, detecting that Albedo is not of sound mind. They prepare to defend Momonga and ask Narberal to assist them. Initially Narberal wants to assist, but halts as she is unsure if this is related to the competition for the rightful queen, and while she thinks Albedo is more suitable to be Momonga's wife, for the sake of Nazarick, she believes that it would be be best to avoid interfering.

The summons are aghast at hearing this from who was suppose to be their ally. Albedo laughs at this, leaving Momonga in dire straits as he curse Nishikienrai for putting him in this situation. Although there was a struggle that seemed typical of Albedo, this operation was successfully completed.

Albedo is then seen back in her chambers, after her rampage was thwarted by Eight-Edge Assassins. The Overseer Guardian finds herself tired, not due to the physicality of the missions themselves, such as exploring and subjugating Chaos Beasts, as they weren't particularly difficult, but because she was hiding something from Momonga.

There was nothing false about the stated purpose and the need for Albedo to go out into the field. Thinking about it logically, there is no way that he would have noticed anything, but the person Albedo was dealing with was that Momonga who she regards is an unparallel genius. And although it was a risk, it was worth it. Compared to the other Guardians, she has a new "achievement'' of investigating and commanding unknown lands, which originally lacked due to the nature of her duties.

Thanks to the appointment of Ranner as her direct subordinate as planned, there are signs that Albedo's burden on domestic affairs is being eased. In the near future, Albedo is sure she'll have more free time than Demiurge. And in addition to the lands beyond those islands, after the successful transformation of the Three Kingdoms into puppets, Nazarick will likely decide to expand its investigation to a wider area of ​​the continent which Albedo believes will free her hands and become an important stepping stone.

Albedo is confident now that Nazarick has been restored, and she can see the possibility of strengthening it even more than before, so she can't let her guard down, but she needs to have more leeway than she did at the beginning. If that's the case, it's about time to make a proposal. There is no one other than Momonga who has come to this new world ----but still wants to search for the "Supreme Beings" and form a unit for that purpose.

Well, to Albedo doesn't necessarily have to be a unit whose main purpose is to search for the "Supreme Beings," but more akin to a name like a research unit for remote areas or an intelligence agency would suffice, though. Based on the strategic plan Albedo has laid this time, at the very least, she can guide the flow of her role as the general manager of this unit or intelligence agency. And, if she discover a "Supreme Being'' other than Momonga, Albedo with clenched teeth then lets out a beautiful laugh. There was not the slightest smile in her eyes as she stared at the flag lying in the corner of the room, covered in dust.[8]


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