Work Together! Field Day (協力!たいいくさい Kyōryoku! Taīkusai) is the eleventh episode of Isekai Quartet. It was first broadcasted on June 18, 2019.


Class 2 assembles outside on the field, with Emilia telling everyone to do their best. Suddenly, Yunyun appears to challenge Megumin. The mage, however, pretends not to know her, much to the latter's frustration. She declares that Class 3 will win against them. Megumin scoffs at the declaration, asking if she has any friends to support her. Panicking, she insists that she does and that she was sent to get yakisoba pan, though Kazuma and Subaru realize that she is actually alone. Reinhard, Felt, and Julius then come over to greet them. Felt speaks for Class 1 and states that they will be taking the win. After hearing Julius speak, Kazuma states that he wants to punch Julius in the crotch.

Elsewhere, Ainz Ooal Gown meets with the Pleiades. Yuri Alpha is saddened that they are on opposing teams and apologizes. Having no need for an apology, Ainz tells them that this is another world and they should not hold back, having no interest in a farce battle. Yuri complies, though she warns her master of a person he should be worried about in Class 1. Ainz, knowing it's Reinhard, concurs, saying that he is aware of his abilities.

Megumin, acting as a representative for Class 2, begins a speech but is cut off. Class 1, Class 2, and Yunyun begin participating in various games and earn points for their teams. Class 1 is so far in the lead, mostly due to Reinard. Ainz, Tanya, and Subaru grow frustrated at this development. Roswaal appears and tells them that the cavalry match will determine the winner as CZ2I28 Delta announces that the winner of the cavalry match will be awarded ten million points. Ainz, Tanya, and Subaru calls Roswaal out on this, as it makes all the previous games pointless.

Ainz, Tanya, Subaru, and Kazuma face off against Reinhard, Felt, Eris, and Julius. Both teams are evenly matched. They are interrupted when Delta announces that the teachers will be participating in the event. The team is composed of Pandora's Actor, who calls Ainz "Father", much to the others' confusion, Roswaal, Rerugen, and Vanir. Now in a three way battle, Vanir starts off by summoning his dolls. Kazuma warns his team that they explode, Ainz states that it's not a problem as he teleports behind them. Tanya starts to attack, but Pandora's Actor uses his ability to transform into Ainz and mimics his magic, teleporting behind them. Before Roswaal can touch them, Julus blocks him with his magic. Rerugen, blinded by the light, is incapacitated by Eris. The remaining teachers then have Vanir's dolls engage the other teams, forcing them on the defensive.

Meanwhile, Rudersdorf and Zettour watch the display and note that the teachers are at a slight disadvantage. They debate on whether to send 'it' out and Rudersdorf reveals a button, which he pushes. The field cracks open, revealing the Destroyer.

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Play Notes

  • Cavalry Match is worth a 100 million points, rendering the points earned in the previous matches to be pointless.
  • Class 3 only contains Yunyun and mostly does not exist.
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