Carry Out! Class Rep (遂行!いいんかい Suikō! Ī n kai) is the seventh episode of Isekai Quartet. It was first broadcasted on May 21, 2019.


Emilia falls into bed exhausted from her duties as Class Rep. Puck appears and praises her for her hard work with various creatures. Emilia likes that everyone is unique and that no one seems to have any negative feelings against her for being a 'silver-haired half-elf'. Though she doesn't know what this world is, she hopes to do all she can.

The next day, while on their way to school, Subaru, Rem, and Beatrice talk about their experiences in their groups. Subaru, who is in the Animal Care Committee, encounters a huge Djungarian hamster. Hamsuke, realizing the boy recognizes her species, asks him for more information. However, he is unable to provide her any satisfactory information, and she becomes sad, chewing on his head until she is stopped by Aura Bella Fiora. Rem scolds Subaru for not coming to her as she in the Nursing Committee. Beatrice is asked about her time. Since it was no different from what she did in her original world, spending time in the library, she found it fine. Her only companion is Mare, who Beatrice assumes is a 'she' and finds the elf agreeable company when reading.

Aura and Mare run to school, briefly encountering the trio. Aura and Subaru exchange enthusiastic greetings before running ahead of everyone. Mare greets Beatrice shyly and the two decide to head to the library together. Subaru and Rem continue to talk while they walk, with the former learning that Emilia came to school early. Megumin is on the intercom system and begins to sing a song until Grantz attempts to take the speaker from her. Subaru decides to find Emilia and locates her in the classroom with Albedo and Ainz Ooal Gown. Emilia explains that she has been thinking last night on how to have fun with everyone and wishes for everyone to get along.

Ainz introduces himself to Subaru and agrees with Emilia that they should get along. Shaking hands with the boy, Ainz notices a strange black flame within Subaru. He politely asks if he can place his hand over the boy's chest. Confused Subaru allows it, much to Albedo's frustration. After he is done, Ainz apologizes and Subaru states it's fine and the two share a laugh.

Roswaal comes into the room and informs the group that the class will be going on a field trip. Seeing it as an opportunity to have everyone get along, the group happily agrees. 

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Play Notes

  • This is Hamsuke's first appearance in the Isekai Quartet series and she is incorrectly called a 'he'.
  • Mare develops a crush on Beatrice while at the library.
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