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Encounter! Classmates (邂逅!くらすめいと Kaigō! Kurasumeito) is the fourth episode of Isekai Quartet. It was first broadcasted on April 30, 2019.


At the park, Ainz Ooal Gown and Tanya meet. Ainz is intimidated by her intense glare, but reminds himself that as the Lord of Death, he shouldn't be intimidated and suppresses his emotions. Regaining his cool, he asks in a solemn tone what she wanted while giving off a dark aura. Tanya's own dark aura surpasses Ainz's and causes him to panic. She asks if he is Being X, throwing him out of his state of fear to that of confusion.

Ainz is utterly confused about who Being X is, but Tanya tries to get him to admit he is, stating his overwhelming aura and imposing presence are clear indicators identifying him as the self-proclaimed god. Ainz tries to get through to her, but the girl refuses to listen, believing him to be responsible for the situation and the school. Ainz manages to get control of the conversation and asks if she was originally from Earth, specifically Japan. The revelation shocks Tanya into silence.

Back in the classroom, while Erich von Rerugen is busy teaching the class, Albedo is brooding at Ainz's absence. Aura Bella Fiora and Shalltear Bloodfallen try to tell her to calm down, telling her that there is no need to worry as Ainz would have no interest in a girl like Tanya. Albedo, however, refuses to believe that no one could not be attracted to Ainz, stating him to be the most attractive man in the world and anyone could fall in love with him. Rem, who has been listening to Albedo's speech, leaps from her chair and states she understands how she feels, giving the Succubus a thumbs up, which the former returns, much to Aura's confusion.

Outside, Tanya and Ainz continue their conversation on a bench. Tanya understands now that Ainz is in a similar situation as her. Ainz notes that while he was transported to another world, Tanya was instead reincarnated. Tanya muses that she can't believe that Ainz was once a human, and Ainz finds it difficult to comprehend that the little girl before him was a salaryman. Tanya feels nostalgic at the word salaryman as it's been a while since she heard that word. She states Ainz should have said he was from another world, though Ainz points out that no one would have believed him.

At the end of class, Albedo rushes to find her master. Viktoriya soon follows and apologizes as she rushes out. Erich is aghast at his two students and reminds everyone else that after morning classes, the talent show will take place and to be prepared. Cocytus asks why are they having a talent show and Erich answers that it's because Roswaal said it would be fun.

At the park, Ainz and Tanya bond over the type of coffee they liked in their former lives in Japan. Viktoriya finds the two and reports to the Major that classes are over for the day and that there is a sale on croquettes. Tanya excuses herself, but before she leaves, despite being transported to this world, she compliments that the food tastes good. They go their separate ways, promising each other that they will talk again. As the soldiers leave, Ainz laments that he can't eat. Albedo, watching from behind a tree, is furious at the interaction.

The next day, Tanya and Viktoriya return to the school gates where they greet Erich in a polite and proper manner, recognizing him as a teacher. Surprised by Tanya's change of attitude, Erich returns their greetings, but is suspicious at the Major's attitude. Later, he is greeted by Ainz and his followers, reminding him that there are worse things than demons in the world.

Subaru and Rem are running to school and are going to be late. Subaru tells Rem to hurry up, which she complies, outpacing him easily. The young man tells Rem to slow down, only for the maid to use her ball and chain to grab him and drag him forward. Catching him, she carries him to school. While it's faster, Subaru feels he lost his pride as a man, but Rem consoles him on his nobleness. But Subaru complains he doesn't see any other men being carried by girls until he spots Kazuma being carried by Darkness. Darkness asks Kazuma if this is really necessary, but the hero states it's the fastest way. Darkness then asks if he is worried about losing his pride as a man, only for him to interject about not needing pride when he has a girl with a six-pack carrying him. However, Kazuma and Subaru lock eyes and see each other, both then ask their female companions to put them down. Both pairs stare at each other and greet each other uncomfortably, only to hear the school bell and realize they are late. The girls easily reach the gate on time, but Erich deems both Subaru and Kazuma as late.

Both guys are forced to hold three water pails and the two bond, realizing each had been summoned/reincarnated into their respective worlds. Subaru states that he realized that Kazuma was from Earth when he first heard his name in class. Kazuma then states that Subaru's tracksuit gave him away, revealing that he also wore one when he was reincarnated. Later, on the roof, the two continue to talk about their life stories and powers. Kazuma complains about the useless members on his team, stating that he is stuck with a useless lush of a goddess, a chatterbox mage who can only use one spell a day, and a crusader who can't hit a damn thing. Subaru then talks about his woes with his female companions, though Kazuma hears that he lives in a mansion and sees him having his own harem, becomes immensely jealous, and declares him as his enemy.

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  • All four protagonists in Isekai Quartet bond and reveal their natures as being originally from Japan.