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Isandro Sanchez (イサンドロ・サンチェス) is a paladin of the Roble Holy Kingdom and a member of Nine Colors.




In the past, Isandro Sanchez was recognized by the Holy Kingdom's monarch and became a member of Nine Colors.


The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc[]

Main article: The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc

To prepare for the demi-human's coalition, Isandro was stationed at Kalinsha alongside Remedios Custodio. During Jaldabaoth's attack of the city, he accompanied Remedios alongside the Paladin's elite forces to engage the demon emperor until the full attack operation was ready. He was asked by Remedios why Jaldabaoth had not used his wall breaking ability. Afterwards, Isandro answered her question, stating he believed that the demon was conserving his strength.

Isandro was among those that witnessed Calca's abuse by the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth as he mercilessly used her body as a weapon. When Isando was pleaded by Remedios to find a way in how to save the Queen, he felt utterly helpless as the former couldn't provide an answer.[1]

Abilities and Powers[]

As one of the Nine Colors, Isandro is one of the greatest battle powers of the nation. Also, being one of the adjutants that cover the absence of brains of the Paladin Order's Captain, he's a judicious and capable person. While so, his fighting abilities excel when he is able to back up and give intellectual aid to his captain even amidst dangerous situations.


Remedios Custodio[]

One of Remedios's trusted lieutenants, he acts as her strategist to compensate for his superior's lack of brains.



  • (To Remedios about Jaldabaoth): "No, it's nothing of the sort. Perhaps he's conserving his strength in order to bring forth some great power. We mustn’t be careless."
  • (To Remedios about the Holy Queen): "I never imagined something like this could happen! There's nothing we can do but pull back!"


  1. Overlord Volume 12 Chapter 1: The Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth


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