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Iris (イーリス) is an Iris Tyrannus Basileus and one of Aura's pets.


According to Aura, Iris is quite a large beast compared to her other familiars she had in her pet collection. Her posture matches that of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, but also has dorsal fins at the back. In the Anime Iris is shown to have three claws, as opposed to two claws like a Tyrannosaurus Rex.


Iris found the inconvenience of having to constantly shift its sightline around to be annoying.


A monster that was designated as one of Aura's pets on the 6th Floor.


The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc[]

Main article: The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

During the Sorcerer Kingdom's invasion of the Royal Capital, Iris was part of Aura's menagerie of pets that climbed the city's walls. The appearance of her and her fellow magical beasts terrified the city guards who fled in terror. Though the other beasts had yet to receive orders to hunt and chase down their prey, Iris went on ahead and used her Petrifying Roar, killing all the humans in the vicinity. This earned her a beat down by her peers for the noise she caused. Iris sought salvation from her master, Aura who then intercedes and orders her pets back in line. Iris joined her master and peers in invading deeper into the capital to take over a few of the buildings. Following Aura's lead, she and the others caused mayhem and destruction, leaping from roof to roof, heading to the Magician's Guild.

The group encountered a group of six warriors and an old man barring their way to their destination. Aura after killing their leader with an arrow, order her pets to slaughter the rest.[1]

Abilities and Powers[]

Iris is a level 71 magical beast. As its name suggested, it shined with vibrant light.


  • Petrifying Bellow: It is capable of letting out a powerful roar loud enough to make the ground clatter. If one had a similar level to it or had resistances against mental effects, it would just be an annoying roar. This leads to a fear-induced instant death inflicted on the victims if they do not fulfill neither conditions.


Aura Bella Fiora[]

Aura is Iris's master and thus she obeys her.


  • According to Aura's master, her species' original design had to be based off of the King of the Monsters.


  1. Overlord Volume 14 Chapter 4: Well-Prepared Traps


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