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Insect Master (ムシツカイ) is a job class that hailed originally from YGGDRASIL.


Insect Master is a magic caster class that lets the user become an entomancer who controls and call forth insects.[1]

Known Insect Masters

Abilities and Powers

Insect Masters possessed the class ability to summon various insect creatures like Giant Beetles. These insects would fight by the summoner's side on the battlefield under their command. Insect Masters can even used them to carry heavy goods while transporting them away from their current summoner's location.

Summoned Insects

  • Bullet Bug: Somewhat akin to a bio-Gatling gun.
  • Blade Bug: Broad-sword shaped bug that can be used as a sword, even being able to be thrown at enemies and fly back to its master.
  • Hard Armor Bug: Shield shaped bug that can effectively be used as a shield.
  • Thousand Lash Bug: One of the strongest insects that an Insect Master can summon. This insect is a giant centipede longer than 10m, with blade-like teeth. Originally, it was supposed to be a whip with the rough shape of an arc, but it turned out to shoot out at an unimaginable angle. This whip was like an extension of an Insect Master’s hand, and bent in an S shape, before it launched at the foe with the speed of lightning. It was a living creature that served as a weapon for Insect Masters to equip in battle, and struck in an unnatural way for a weapon.
  • Shikigami Spider
  • Giant Beetle
  • Lip Bug: Eats the victim's vocal cords and steals the voice, giving the ability to use the stolen voice to its current wearer.
  • Mask Bug: A large flat beetle that looks like a human face, with some minor differences. An Insect Master like Entoma can also used them as masks, to cover her true face.


  • If there were two opponents that an Insect Master ends up facing, they would usually let the insects handled one of them. This was where the true strengths of Insect Masters lay as entomancers.[2]


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