Insects are a Race creatures mostly composed of arthropods that have multiple limbs or possess carapace bodies. They can be found in both YGGDRASIL and the New World.

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Various types of insect species exist each possessing unique abilities and functions. While many are mere monsters, lacking intellect some are possessed intelligence that matches humans. These types are usually bipedal, though not always absolute, and are capable of reasoning. In fact, these bipedal insects were among the many heteromorphic races that could be chosen to be played as by players in YGGDRASIL.

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Depending on their specialization and form insects possess a variety of abilities.

Commonly insects possess some kind of special sensory magic.

Insects in Overlord have been shown also be used as effective weaponry. Though insect-made weapons were powerful, they had many weaknesses. One was that the weapon summoning consumed a large amount of time.

A weakness that is shared by all insects is being susceptible to insecticide magic.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Insect expressions are difficult to read without practice.[2]
  • Vermin Bane, a type of Insecticide Magic was developed by Evileye as a way to combat the Demon God of Insects.


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