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Imps (小悪魔) are a species of tiny winged demons.


Imps make their official appearance in assisting the elder liches and golems construct a base in the Great Forest of Tob. Using their wings and speed, elder liches employ them as messengers to convey their reports.


Imps are about 30 centimeters tall with sporting long bat-like wings, copper-red skin, and tails.


Imps are intelligent creatures capable of following complex orders. Using their wings and speed, they can execute any task given to them. Additionally, their tails also contain potent venom that forces them to lift them uplift to prevent them from dripping.[1]

Known Imps


  • Demiurge is capable of turning into an imp.
  • Imp is a base racial level job class for some demons, like Albedo and Demiurge.


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