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Igvarge (イグヴァルジ) was a mithril class adventurer and leader of Kralgra.



Igvarge's dream was to become a hero who would end up saving the world, just like the Thirteen Heroes of the past. He sacrificed everything to achieve this dream, going as far as spreading false rumors about himself or using his companions as meat shields. Everyone beside himself were all stepping stones for him to reach the peak. Yet he was hardworking and trained intensely, which made him intensely dislike Momon, who seemingly appeared from nowhere and caught up to his mithril class in just a single adventure.


Igvarge's dream of becoming a hero started from the songs he heard from the bards visiting his village. After becoming an adventurer and forming a team he eventually rose to the rank of a mithril adventurer.


The Bloody Valkyrie Arc[]

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Igvarge was summoned to a meeting with all the mithril class adventurer teams of E-Rantel to discuss the appearance of the powerful vampire Honyopenyoko. At the meeting, he took an instant dislike of the leader of Darkness and he tried to provoke Momon, questioning his ability as a mithril adventurer. Engulfed by his own pride and resentment towards Momon, he chose to accompany Momon against the vampire with his team, despite Momon's warning. Once in the forest, Albedo started to kill the members of his team. He fled, only to lose himself in the forest due to Mare's spells. Mare then immobilized him and killed him by crushing his skull with his staff.[1]

After the adventurer Momon of Darkness had vanquished the vampire, it was revealed that Igvarge's adventurer group had been annihilated in the crossfire of the former's battle.[2]

Ainz (Isekai Quartet).png NOTICE: The following section and subsequent subsections are considered NON-CANON to the Overlord Light Novels.

Mass for the Dead Arc[]

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Unlike most people who were enamored by the protagonist, Igvarge was in opposition to the new adventurer's achievement. Out of envy and pride the adventurer went on a mission with his team to hunt down the Captain of the Ghost Ship in the Katze Plains to make a name for himself. The adventurers if Kralgra located the elder lich and the Ghost Ship and succeeded in slaying the undead but at the cost to their lives. Before he died the ambitious adventurer passed on information to the protagonist that others from the Baharuth Empire were also looking for the lich, not to kill it but to capture it for some unknown purpose.

The information prompted interest from Momonga and those in Nazarick and believed that it could be related to the incident with Shalltear's mental manipulation. Momonga also came to investigate the Ghost Ship, which was recovered. While its original captain was dead, Momonga used a nearby adventurer corpse he found, to create Iguva=41 to act as the new captain. The lich would meet with the workers sent to capture his predecessor and determine what they were planning in the plains. M

Due to Igvarge and his team's absence, they were officially declared to be dead by Guildmaster Pluton Ainzach of the E-Rantel Adventurer's Guild. Their disappearance and declining number of undead noted by knights and adventurers were attributed by the guildmaster to be the result of Igvarge and his team slaying of the elder lich captain. The protagonist stationed in E-Rantel helped to maintain the lie, to avoid interlopers in interfering with the workers from the Empire.[3]

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Abilities and Powers[]

Igvarge was a ranger. To realize his dream, Igvarge relentlessly strengthened his body, experiencing numerous adventures where he narrowly escaped from certain death.

Igvarge’s vocation was one that specialized in outdoor movement. In a sense, the woods were like his back yard.

Known Classes[]

  • Forest Stalker



Igvarge hated and envied Momon due to his strength that earned him the admiration and respect of others around him in E-Rantel along with skipping several levels without taking the appropriate tests for it. He was open with his resentment after learning that Momon was a foreigner before being reprimanded. This envy and jealousy lead him to plan to attempt to kill Momon while pretending to assists him with taking down the vampire that appeared out of nowhere near E-Rantel.


  • While there is no clear indication in the Light Novel, Iguva=41 was created from the corpse of Igvarge. In the illustration, one side of Iguva=41's face is distorted and this can be inferred to be the hit Mare delivered to his head that even destroyed his helmet when trying to run from Ainz.[4]


  • (About Momon): "Just for that? Because he solved one incident? What about the adventurers who went through the advancement tests and rose step-by-step? Won’t they hold a grudge?"
  • (To Mare): "You sh-shitty girl! If you don’t let me go, I will kill you! Hey!"


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