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Igthorn Rokerson is a noble from the Re-Estize Kingdom and a member of the New Faction.


Igthorn Rokerson was an imposing and sturdy figure, described as a man that was thick in every dimension.


Though Igthorn was a physically menacing man, he couldn’t hold his own opinions without getting swayed by others.


The noble had inherited his position, in the aftermath of the Massacre at Katze Plains. Soon after gaining his position he became friends with Baron Montserrat and Baron Delvin in the New Faction.


The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

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Baron Rokerson and Baron Delvin going out for drinks at an establishment encountered Baron Montserrat. Joining him they shared mugs of pale ale. Rokerson offered the leader of the New Faction a plate of nuts and drank in a rambunctious manner. Later they shared their woes on the struggles they have been facing as noblemen, specifically in their lack of funds coming from their demesnes. They agreed collectively that the fault not laid with them by their 'incompetent' peasants they commanded. Philip lamented on the current situation, if nothing changed then all he could do was wait for a bad harvest so the price of grain would go up. When Delvin brought up, Philip's territory, Wayne interrupted him, and whispered that even if a bad harvest occurs, the price won’t necessarily rise. He informed him that there was a huge amount of cheap grain being transported from the Sorcerer Kingdom to the Kingdom. Having acquired the intel from a trustworthy source, the baron told Philip the Sorcerer Kingdom had stored large quantities of grain in warehouses owned by the merchants in the capital. He didn't know much about the exact details other than the fact that the grain was there for storage only and that the Sorcerer Kingdom had already paid for the storage fee. Additionally the grain was being casted with [Preserve] to prolong its shelf-life and undead workers were being used on farmland. The food though was being transported to another location, as food relief, to the Roble Holy Kingdom which was still recovering from the attack from Jaldabaoth. It was from this information that Philip concocted a scheme to drive the price of grain up, by stealing the stockpile from the Sorcerer Kingdom which he invited Wayne and Igthorn into his plan.[1]

Abilities and Powers

According to himself, Rokerson cannot find any appeal in alcohol, only drinking in social events when needed.


Philip Dayton L'Eyre Montserrat

Igthorn was one of the few members of the New faction that chose not to distance themselves from Philip. He even allowed the other noble to call him by his first name.

Igthorn Delvin

Rokerson's land neighbored Delvin's thus it was a common sight for them to be working together.




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