If Nazarick Had Video Games (ナザリックにデジタルゲームがきた話) by Okazaki Suna (桜咲日和) is the twenty-seventh chapter of the Overlord Official Comic A La Carte series.


The Floor Guardians discover a cache of items which Demiurge identifies as games. Mare is surprised that such games exists in YGGDRASIL and comments they once belonged to the Supreme Beings catching the attention of the Albedo and Shalltear Bloodfallen. Both ladies attempt to lay claim on them, only to have their argument broken up when he comments its being disrespectful to their creators. Demiurge states that he gained permission from Ainz Ooal Gown, who obviously gave the Guardians the items in order to have fun. The Floor Guardians believe it to be a test and resolve to treasure the items bequeathed to them. Aura Bella Fiora notes that they are taking this too seriously and notices Mare playing with one of the game consoles. He is excited at playing the game involving farming, though Aura believes its lame at first. When Mare wonders if the Supreme Beings created these items, then perhaps the characters in the games are also their creations and hence siblings of the NPCs in Nazarick. Aura states that's not the case as its merely a game, as how could such beings be in such a small item. The two elves hear a greeting from another console and see Shalltear playing what appears to be a eroge game. Aura demands to know who's voice is that which Shalltear confirms it to be the voice of Bukubukuchagama. Hearing that Aura breaks in tears as it is not just the only item that possesses her creator's voice. Seeing her reaction, Shalltear offers it to the dark elves claiming that she was done with it. Albedo comments on her kindness to Aura which Shalltear denies. Though she states that taking care of ones' sibling is what anyone would do.

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Chapter Notes

  • Shalltear's comment on taking care of ones' sibling is reminiscent to her creator's relationship with his sister.
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