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Ian Als Heim (イアン・アルス・ハイム) is a game original character that appeared in Mass for the Dead.


A middle-aged man with short wavy platinum blonde hair.


Ian holds a great deal of confidence from Captain of the 1st Division. In the past, he believed in the Slane Theocracy's human supremacy ideology, but an event changed his world view. He continues to seek out which missions he should fulfill.


A Commander of the 1st Division in the Sunlight Scripture.


Mass for the Dead Arc

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In the game, Ian leads a mission of the Sunlight Scripture, transporting relief supplies from the Theocracy to the damaged city of E-Rantel. Noting the locals' apparent distrust of the priests of the Theocracy, he stated it was to be expected. While his men feel they are not given their due, Ian is more diplomatic and understanding. Upon seeing a half-elf child, Ian feigns disdain, but quickly drops the facade stating its fine, much to the shock of his elven mother as he offers to her injured husband. Later he and his men patrol the area around the city, encountering corrupted ogres and goblins. He meets Leinas Rockbruise who had been sent by the Baharuth Empire to investigate the area.

Abilities and Powers

Ian can at least use the 3rd tier magic of the faith system.



  • Ian is the third new character from the game Mass for the Dead. He was added as a limited-time character on March 31, 2019.[1]


Leinas Rockbruise

Ian made an acquaintance with the knight fending off corrupted demi-humans and came to respect her skills.

Saint Clementine

Ian is aware of Clementine's past and is disgusted with her as a traitor. He finds it ironic that she had become a saint, and wonders if she has an ulterior motive. However, since she is a well known public figure in E-Rantel, there is very little he can do without making a diplomatic incident.



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