I need healing - Pandora's Actor! (癒しを訪ねてパンドラズ) by SAKAE & To (SAKAE&するば) is the forty-sixth chapter of the Overlord Official Comic A La Carte series.


Brooding in his throne room, Ainz Ooal Gown summons Pandora's Actor. Ainz states if Pandora's Actor can transform into a cat, would it be possible for him to change into other animals. Pandora's Actor ponders a bit and comes to the conclusion that his master needs emotional healing. Pandora's Actor tells Ainz he does have a limit of transformation but then sketches an animal for which he will transform into for Ainz. The first drawing is a sea lion posing. Ainz is disappointed in the drawn antic and asks about if he could transform into a penguin only to receive a drawing of a said animal in a ridiculous pose. And then the same goes for a panda. In the end, the cat was tolerable and allows Pandora's Actor as a cat to play in his lap. Later CZ2I28 Delta and Hamsuke see them, with the latter becoming jealous of the 'cate'. Shizu recognizes the cat and Ainz seeing her recognition, explains that its a cat he found in Carne Village and asks her to take care of it for a day.

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