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Hyumilis is an evil sword that once belonged to the Black Knight, a member of the Thirteen Heroes.


Hyumilis is one of the Black Knight’s four Swords of Darkness. While this sword is originally from YGGDRASIL, it was once in the possession of a Cursed Knight. After its owner passed away, this blade enter into circulation for at least two hundred years.



Hyumilis was referred by the Swords of Darkness as it being an evil blade, whose powers are even unknown to the adventurer group.


  • This was the only sword among the Black Knight's four weapons that the Swords of Darkness have no apparent information about its power so far.[1]
  • It was said that Crocdabal is classified as a evil type of weapon.[2]
  • In Mass for the Dead, it was believed that Hyumilis was located in a cave southeast of the Katze Plains after an iron ranked adventurer claimed that he encountered a sword that he swore move on its own. Later it was discovered to actually a rare monster parasite that inhabited the sword.[3]


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