Hydras (ヒドラ) are a massive serpent-like monster with multiple heads that live in the Great Lake.

Appearance Edit

Hydra have multiple serpentines, snake-like heads, and sharp curved teeth. It has webbed feet, a serpent tail, and a thick strong body. A hydra's body is covered with dark-brown scales, and their amber eyes have transparent films over them, like a snake's. Unlike snakes, they also have eyelids that can open and close.

Background Edit

A hydra is a type of magical beast that mainly inhabits watery area like the Great Lake. They are considered as a relatively large species and can be over sixteen feet full-grown.

At their birth, a baby hydra would normally possess eight heads. Over the years this would increase to at most twelve. However, if a child like Rororo were to be born with half that amount, the parent would easily discard them without care.[1]

After the baby hydra is born, parents would take care of the young. Parents teach their children skills for surviving in nature such as how to catch each prey. Once the child reaches adulthood, the number of heads would increase to twelve.[2]

Abilities Edit

Hydras are physically tough, as their large bodies imply. They have a skill that accelerates their healing speed, so any old attack is not enough to inflict fatal injury. The hydra's high regeneration abilities allow it to quickly heal from any serious wounds.

Burning the wound, however, neutralizes the skill, so fire attacks are effective on them. While hydras are very powerful, they are not terribly intelligent. For that reason, even those with the power to converse with magical beasts such as the hydras have a hard time achieving mutual understanding.[3]

Known Hydra Edit

Trivia Edit

  • While not explicitly stated, Hydras seem to be indigenous to the Great Lake.


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