Hunter (ハンタ Hanta) is a term to refer a type of adventurers that specialize in information gathering.

Introduction Edit

Typically, hunters are treated as lazy adventurers who had a low survival rate during missions. However if they had knowledge on monsters, hunters could prepare tactics against them. When they able to find a definite period to buy magic items, it can help strengthen their loadouts. And if they happen to possess information about other adventurers, they knew who to be cautious against, and who to look out for. To hunter-type adventurers, information was the first step to countering monsters. Taking this kind of precautionary step made a huge difference in the chance of returning alive.

People would think that hunters drink at bars, and receive requests from the owners of the bars. However, this was a misconception as those individuals were actually adventurers that were considered dropouts by their peers. For that reason, they are commonly known as hunters.

To some extent, they were somewhat different from actual adventurers. In particular, hunters were vigourously involved in the trade of information gathering. At bars, they traded information, such as the strength of nearby monsters, prices of magic items, and information and rumours on other adventurers.

Chronology Edit

Overlord First Half Arc Edit

Several hunters observed Momon after he was summoned to the Adventurer's Guild. They began to assess him from afar wondering why a low level adventurer was gaining an audience with the most influential people in E-Rantel.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • The hunter term in the trade of adventurers only appears in the Web Novel.
  • The term "hunter" also refers to a profession that hunts and traps animals which also exists in the Light Novel.[2]


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