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Humans (人間 Ningen) are a race that exists in the New World.


Humans are one of the main humanoid races that YGGDRASIL players can use as their game avatars.[1] Humans are also found in the New World, where the Great Tomb of Nazarick was teleported.[2] There seems to exist several variant human races, such as winged humans in the New World.[3]

Though many of the nations that surround the Great Tomb of Nazarick are primarily inhabited by humans, this region happens to represent just a small portion of the New World. Beyond the nations' borders are many demi-human and heteromorphic nations hostile to humanity.[4] Unlike in the World of 2138, mankind is at the bottom of the food chain and are often prey by many monsters and other races as their livestock. However, according to Ainz, if there were human players around, they would naturally protect other humans first above all.[5]

For that reason, humans in this world are regarded to be one of the inferior races compared to YGGDRASIL's kind. The reason for why there is a cluster of human nations was due to the fact that they are situated relatively close to the Slane Theocracy, a nation that fights against the encroachment of all non-humans and preaches human supremacy.[6] Not only that, but the reason they live in open fields like the plains, where there is nowhere to hide is that they aren't strong enough to survive in the mountains or forests. Additionally, three out of the six biggest countries on the continent viewed humans as food.[7]


Similar to their counterparts from the real world, humans in the New World come with a wide range of skin tones, hairstyles, and eye color as well as builds. Most of the humans in this world including those from the Re-Estize Kingdom, Baharuth Empire, and Slane Theocracy have blonde hair and are relatively good-looking.


Humanity as a whole does not possess any special abilities or superior physical abilities.[8] They are considered to be standing on a precarious line between survival and extinction from six hundred years ago to now. Granted, there are actually certain demi-humans who were weaker than humans, such as Goblins.

Though to give humanity some credit as a race, humans are a species that could grow closer as long as they shared something in common.[9] Humans were creatures that adapted to their environment. However, depending on the new situation they were placed in, the amount of time needed to adapt would change.[10] They also seem to have raised a large number of martial arts experts and talent users. Not only that, but they have the capability to use what is known as Tier Magic introduced by the Six Great Gods and later spread further around the New World by the Eight Greed Kings. Unlike the humans in YGGDRASIL, it seems that humans in the New World are unable to use the power of Tier Magic to their fullest as there are only a few of them who was able to reach the 6th Tier.

High-level humans have high resistance levels to poison and illness. The only way for a human to gain magic and talents comparable to demi-humans with the exception of their vision aside is through training constantly over time.[11]


The humans have a calendar system that divides the twelve months into the four elements. Each element group is further divided into three levels: Low, Middle, and High.

In the Web Novel, it was known that the percentage of humans in the Baharuth Empire, Re-Estize Kingdom, and the Slane Theocracy was about 100%, with a mindset that was more isolationist than the surrounding countries.[12] This mindset still exists in the story, as some humans are also xenophobic and hate human foreigners.[13]

Majority of human cultures also appear to share common economic practices. Human greed is apparently a common obsession for the species. According to Pandora's Actor, currency originated when vulnerable groups of humans formed together, later dividing into roles, and developing bartering for the necessities of life.

Since the value of things differs from person to person, it was not easy and inefficient to establish. Therefore, currency was created, which has a common value and serves as the basics of economic activity. Which then leads to assigning the price of labor with the amount of money humans receive for their work, converting their expended energy into a common value.

Human society has a very clear division of roles. Normally the amount of compensation humans receive differs depending on their occupation. Titles are things humans tend to attach importance to, as it not only designates positions of authority, and who gets the lion's share, but the ones who take responsibility when things go wrong.[14]


  • The denizens of Nazarick view humans as lower life forms[15] and treat them as food or toys.[16]
  • While other humanoid races exist in the New World such as elves and dwarves, the majority of humans treat them no differently than demi-humans.[17]
  • Although there are humans like those from the Slane Theocracy who treated elves as slaves, the same could even be said for the humans enslaved by demi-humans in other nations.[18]
  • Only a few human nations are ruled by a royal family.[19]
  • In the New World, humans develop at a faster pace than those in the World of 2138.[20]
  • According to a private discussion held between Ainz, Nigredo, Pestonya, and Sebas in the Frozen Prison, it was said that stronger varieties of humans from the New World could be made if Nazarick were to apply the different techniques they have back in the tomb to strengthen them.
  • At the time of the Fall of the Re-Estize Kingdom, Ainz noted that throughout the Kingdom’s history, it has produced nothing stronger than adamantite ranked adventurers. In terms of pure power alone, he believed that it was humanity's limit.[21]
  • In the New World, Homo Sapiens have already long since lost the struggle for survival in areas of this Overlord setting. Compared to humans in the real world, their physical abilities are not that of Homo Sapiens. Maruyama wants the readers to regard and think of the modern human race within the New World as them being similar creatures called human beings appearance-wise.[22]
    • Maruyama stated that the opposite sex yearns for strong men. He regarded this to be nothing more than a mere symptom of the messiah complex mechanism, in order to preserve the species of their human race. It was acquired through evolution, from intermingling with the helpless members of the species.[23]


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