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Honesty Azel (オーネスティ・エイゼル) is a student at the Imperial Magic Academy.


Honesty is around sixteen years old with long hair that covers the front of her face hiding blue eyes.


Honesty though initially seen as a shy girl is said to be talkative, speaking at twice the speed. However this is merely a face she puts on, as on the day of the promotion exam, her bullied and frightened attitude had completely disappeared. While her tone had not changed, the speed at which spoke did, and the air about her had completely changed. If someone told him that she was just acting, he would be unable to refute them. 


Honesty is stated to be born a commoner. She attends the same class as Jet Testania in the Imperial Magic Academy but as a student of architecture rather than magic.


Overlord Second Half Arc[]

Main article: Overlord Second Half Arc

Honesty was being accosted by four older noble classmates. During the altercation, she was pushed but was caught by Jet Testania. The students claimed that they were having a meeting, but Jet saw through the lie and found their actions to be deplorable stood up against them. Honesty attempts to reason with both parties before a fight could break out, but her words fall to deaf ears. To avoid a fight Jet offers Honesty the option of joining his team, a team with Fluder Paradyne on it, to her and the bullies surprise. The girl accepted is guided away from the scene leaving the sons of the Great Nobles stunned. Soon after she is introduced to the team, another girl named Nabe approaches them and asks to join as well.[1]

Later she is approached by Jet who needs help in getting into a ball to go with his friend Nemel. Though he states that he wants to protect her she suspects that he likes her and helps him to get an invitation.[2] Using her connections she and Jet enter the Rangobart Estate together and separate. She was watching from a distance at Jet's interaction with the character Momon. She was a bit disappointed in the turn out as she was expecting the Archduke to make his appearance. Though she suspected Momon to be a traitor to the Archduke and plotted on how to use this to her advantage for her backers.[3]

On the day of the promotion exam, Ornesty helped the group prepare their luggage as she has more experience in traveling compared to Nemel and Jet.[4]

Honesty joined her group and journeyed to the Great Forest of Tob with a knight escort. During the trip she walked alongside the wagon Jet was managing with Nemel to serve as lookout. While doing so, she took the opportunity to speak with some of the knights. When one of the wheels of the wagon broke, Fluder solved the issue by using his magic to repair it. She listened to the aged magic caster give a lecture to those in the company to not to rely too much on attack spells but to also learn some practical spells as well. Once the Azerlisia Mountains came into view she and Nemel were in awe of the spectacle. Since she did more traveling, the sight was less impressive to her. There she recalled to the group that she read that the forest was ruled by a Frost Dragon that lived in the mountains. Fluder overhearing decided to provide some of his input stating that there was indeed something sealed in the forest, known as the Demon Tree Dragon Lord. When Honesty inquired on what kind of dragon it was disappointed that Fluder did not know.

Later the group detected hundreds of goblins heading to their location. Honesty agreed with Jet's proposal to negotiate with the goblins as it seemed more likely that the demi-humans were fleeing something. To get their attention, she worked with Nemel and the knights to corral the goblins.[5]

Abilities and Powers[]

During the school's exam in the Tob Forest, she was said to have amazing leg and arm strength. Additionally she appears to have deep connections with several powerful backers, as she was able to enter a ball of a Great Noble.


Jet Testania[]

Jet initially saved her on a whim of his as well as to find teammates for the upcoming exam. Though they were in the same class in fact he had never known her name. However since the ball he has begun to suspect something is off about Honesty and that she is not who she claims to be.

Fluder Paradyne[]

Honesty upon meeting the legendary wizard was exhilarated that she was now a teammate of his for the upcoming exams.


  • According to Jet, Honesty seems to have few acquaintances at the academy. Though one of her friends works for one of the Five Great Nobles.


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