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Holocaust Scripture (火滅聖典) is one of the Six Scriptures of the Slane Theocracy. Their job is conducting assassinations, guerrilla warfare, and counter-terrorism.


The Holocaust Scripture is a military unit tasked with the role of protecting the home soil of the Theocracy.

Given their name and elemental significance to the Six Great Gods and the Six Scriptures, it's likely that the Holocaust Scripture follows the teachings of the God of Fire.


The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc

Main article: The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc

The Holocaust Scripture had been deployed by the Theocracy to assist in the war against the Elf Country, to help speed up their advance. Due to the elves being masters in forest warfare, they initially severely impeded the Theocracy's advance in the Great Forest of Evasha and holding the line. The elves were able to successfully prolong the war's progress longer than the Theocracy's expected at first until the Holocaust Scripture was deployed. upon the Holocaust Scripture being dispatched by the Theocracy, the war's progress rapidly shifted back to their homeland's side and the Elves have now been gradually losing ground as a result.[1]


The Holocaust Scripture is specialized in assassination, guerrilla warfare, and counter-terrorism. Though nothing is known about this group's strength, their power speaks volume for themselves as they were assigned the role of defending the Theocracy. Particularly, their primary defensive military force was dedicated for their homeland.

Their abilities as counter-assassins and anti-guerrilla warfare specialists are also seen during their deployment against the Elf Country. The Holocaust Scripture showed their proficiency in this specialty during the apparent dead lock in the Theocracy's advance to the elf capital. This was where after they officially entered into the battle, their contributions immediately increased their conquest's progress by a considerably greater margin than ever before. Further emphasizing the Scripture's skill in covert, guerrilla tactics to be superior to the Elves.

Known Members


  • The name known as "Holocaust" written for this scripture group could refer to either destruction by definition or real life, historical event that had horribly transpired in Germany.
  • It is more likely, however, given that "Holocaust" itself translates as "wholly-burnt" from the Greek 'holos' ("whole," "entire") + 'caustos' ("burned," from 'kaiein', "burn") and its origins in Biblical convention to describe holy sacrifices purged in fire, that this Scripture group is concerned with the element of fire.
  • In the English publication of the Light Novel, Holocaust Scripture's name was translated as Firestorm Scripture.


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