Hoburns (ホバンス) is the holy capital of the Roble Holy Kingdom.

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Located in the Northern Holy Kingdom, Hoburns is a city that laid in close proximity to three other major cities. To the west lied the port city of Rimun. And to the east, respectively were Prart and Kalinsha.

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The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc Edit

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During Jaldabaoth's invasion of the Northern Holy Kingdom, Hoburns along with three other major cities and countless towns were among those captured by the Demi-Human Alliance. The demon continued to use it as his main base of operations throughout the duration of his siege on the Northern Holy Kingdom.[1]

During a meeting with Prince Caspond, one of the rescued nobles believed all the major cities to the west such as the capital of Hoburns will be very hard to regain control from the demi-humans. Knowing that many lives will be lost along the way, they proposed an alternative by fighting the sourthern demi-humans instead until that idea was turn down by the Prince.[2] Incidentally, the capital of Hoburns was apparently under Jaldabaoth’s direct command, and not that of his aides.[3]

After the Sorcerer King had defeated Jaldabaoth during the battle in Prart, the Liberation army rooted out most of the remainder of the Demi-Human Alliance and retook the capital. It then became their new base of operations, from which they could launch attacks meant to eliminate the remaining invaders. With the death of Holy Queen Calca, Prince Caspond was now crowned as the next Holy King within the city's walls.[4]

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  • Royal Palace of Hoburns: The residence of the Holy King or Holy Queen.
  • Prime Estate
  • Great Cathedral: The church that was regarded as the high temple of the Holy Kingdom's faith and religion.

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