Hobgoblins (ホブゴブリン) are a variant race related to goblins.

Appearance Edit

Hobgoblins are said to be taller than their goblin cousins, reaching to the height close to adult humans.

Abilities Edit

Possessing the acute hearing and night vision as regular goblins, Hobgoblins are superior to the former in every way, such as in height and also in intelligence. Hobgoblins are also capable of articulating and carrying out complete sentences in a legitimate conversation.[1]

Known Hobgoblins Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Hobgoblins are comfortable in regards to living with their goblin brethren, even allowing adoption.
  • Jugem was mistaken by one of the Re-Estize Kingdom's soldiers for being a hobgoblin as he is considered to be bigger and stronger than a normal goblin.[2]

References Edit

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