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Hippogriffs (ヒポグリフ) are flying mounts that can be rode upon by people in the New World.


Hippogriffs were born of the mating of a male griffin and a mare.[1] Flying creatures such as Hippogriffs command an extremely high price if they were put on the market.[2] As such, only few people could afford them.


These magical beasts had the front half of a griffin and the hind quarters of a horse.


Because of their mixed blood, Hippogriffs were easier to rear and train than griffins, and they were very popular as flying mounts.


  • Hippogriffs are used by the Royal Air Guard of the Imperial Army as air mounts.[3] 
  • The word Hippogriff is derived from the Greek word "hippos" meaning "horse" and the magical creature known as the griffin. In this case, it has the body of a horse as opposed to a lion, but keeps the head of an eagle.


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