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Hill Dwarf Kingdom (丘小人の王国) is a country in the New World which was said to be the homeland for the Hill Dwarves living in Abelion Hills.


Originally, there was once a Hill Dwarf Kingdom situated in the Abelion Hills at some point in the past. However, the Hill Dwarf Kingdom was caught within the warfare of various tribes of monsters and as a result, it got destroyed by creatures like Goblins, Ogres and Orcs. What currently remains left in this country is a lawless area contested day and night by countless monsters. In other words, demi-human tribes are known to be running amok in the former territory of the Hill Dwarf Kingdom.[1]


Following the destruction of the Hill Dwarf Kingdom, the area that used to be part of this fallen nation became a battleground among different tribes of monsters to settle in and dispute over. The various invaders would fight each other for territorial claim in an effort to gain control of the vacant land no longer controlled by the Hill Dwarf Kingdom.


  • Similar to the downfall of Hill Dwarf Kingdom, the former country Gatenbarg have also been overrun by common invaders that are monsters.[2]
  • The Azerlisia Mountains is also a place for dwarves to dwell in as a humanoid nation called the Dwarf Kingdom is found there and has yet to fall apart unlike the the Hill Dwarf Kingdom.[3]


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