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High Wraiths are an upper class of wraith.


High Wraiths radiated an aura unique to the undead, one which the living could not abide. Their translucent forms displayed expressions of misery.


High Wraiths usually moved in perfect unison under the orders of their summoner. Unconstrained by gravity, they are able to float swiftly into the air and fly to the sky.


Due to the presence of the High Wraiths, they could come into contact with parts of the environment and take away its life force. For instance, the grass by their feet wilted rapidly, the grass shriveled up rapidly as they lost their water content. Moreover, they have the ability to spread terror and fear to people it comes across.

Since the High Wraiths are incorporeal beings, they can phase through walls and other obstacles like ghosts. However, they can’t pass through things without a limit put in place.[1]



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