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Hermes Trismegistus (ヘルメス・トリスメギストス) is the Overseer Albedo's personal armor.


This item was made specifically to complement Albedo's special skill that transfers any damage she receives onto the armor.


A sturdy three-part suit of pitch-black armor crafted in the resemblance of a devil. A pair of horns would sprout across both sides of the helm while the exterior surface of the suit is covered with spikes. Aside from the thinly carved slit that serves as a visor, the armor does not reveal even the tiniest exposure of flesh.[1]

The innermost layer is an assimilation armor in liquid form which fits the body perfectly and enhances physical abilities. The next layer is a complete full-body armor layer, like an undershirt. And finally, the outermost layer covers the inner layers and increases defenses even more. In order, the layers break by: 1) additional armor, 2) full-body armor, and 3) assimilation armor.


Though classified as a Divine Class Item, it specializes solely in physical defense with no other abilities. Due to its three layers, it would take three attacks to break the armor. If Albedo uses her trump card or skill to defend against a player's super-tier spell, the damage will be absorbed by this armor instead, and it might break from that blow even if it was enchanted with strengthening spells. This metallic armor was noted to have high defense, but low HP.

According to Shalltear, the armor also seems to be enchanted with magic disruption spells.[2]

According to Ainz, if Albedo had fully equipped this armor, mere freezing gusts from the Frozen Prison would not have been able to deal cold-elemental attacks to her.[3]


  • Hermes Trismegistus is the author of a series of sacred texts that are the basis of Hermeticism.
  • In the manga, Hermes Trismegistus is more bulky and masculine as when compared to its anime appearance, where its design possessed slimmer, more feminine aspects.
  • This is the only armor Albedo has under her possession.
  • While Albedo agrees it is an impressive armor, her only complaint is that it doesn't show enough skin.


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