Hectowaizes Ah Ragara (ヘクトワイゼス・ア・ラーガラー) was the ruler of the Orthrous Tribes of the Abelion Hills and one of the demi-human tribal leaders that participated in the invasion of the Roble Holy Kingdom commanded by Jaldabaoth.


Hectowaizes wore a suit of intricately carved armor along with his equally ornate helmet and his lance.


Hectowaizes appears to act as a professional, giving out respect to those that deserve it.


Hectowaizes was among the tribal leaders that had joined the Demi-Human Alliance under the command of Jaldabaoth. Though it was undetermined if he joined willingly or was coerced.


The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc

In preparation for the siege of Loyts he was present at the gathering of tribal leaders for their plan of attack.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Hectowaizes had not gained fame because of his individual might, but because he was a renowned general who could triumph despite having a tenth of his opponent's forces. Under his leadership, the tables would be turned if it came to mass combat.

Main Equipment

  • Unnamed Lance


Vijar Rajandala

Hectowaizes acknowledges Vijar, not out of respect for the latter's personal abilities, but towards the zoastia species as a whole.


  • Vijar knowing that Hectowaizes did not respect him fully, wished to fight the Orthrous, but was not confident that he could win against his colleague.


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