"It's extremely bad."
- Headhunter Rabbit evaluating Ainz Ooal Gown.

Headhunter Rabbit (首狩り兎) is a Rabbit Man and a bodyguard of Osk in the Imperial Arena.

 Appearance Edit

Headhunter Rabbit has an appearance that is similar to a cute looking man. He is dressed in an outfit that is best described as a maid's, doing so because dressing like a woman would make others underestimate him and become careless. It would also make his opponents not consider the option of attacking his groin. He actually does not mind wearing a maid outfit.

Personality Edit

Headhunter Rabbit has a cautious and high self-preservation personality.

Background Edit

Headhunter Rabbit was a mercenary who hailed from a nation to the east of the Karnassus City-State Alliance, famous as a warrior and an assassin.

Osk had signed a contract with him and hired him for a staggering amount. He had contracted with other workers or gladiators as bodyguards as well, but nobody else was paid as highly as him.

At one point, Headhunter Rabbit foiled an assassination attempt on Osk.

Chronology Edit

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc Edit

Main article: The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

The Headhunter Rabbit disguised as a maid, greeted Pluton Ainzach along with his lord, the Sorcerer King into the home of Osk. He stood at attention watching Osk and Ainz exchange words. After Ainzach and Ainz left, he is asked by Osk to evaluate Ainz's strength and abilities to which he answers that it's terrifying.[1]

The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc Edit

Main article: The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc

There was a rabbitman that looked similar to Headhunter Rabbit walking in the streets of E-Rantel, by the visiting envoys from Holy Kingdom Liberation Army.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Through long experience in the murderous profession of being a warrior and assassin, he had attained the ability to evaluate people and analyze his opponents. He is ranked above an orichalcum-ranked adventurer.

In accordance to Maruyama's based level ranking, it was noted that Headhunter Rabbit held the position of maid under his client Osk.[2]

Relationships Edit

Osk Edit

The Headhunter Rabbit is working with Osk under contract, even with Osk being his superior, he did not respect him as a superior and talked to him equally. Though he finds his employer's muscle fetish to be a bit perverted.

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