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Head of the Imperial Magic Academy (魔法学院の学長) is the principal of the Imperial Magic Academy.


The principal was an old man like Fluder Paradyne, with silver hair. He sported a beard that was the same length as the legendary magic caster, but it had been combed and arranged neatly under his chin.


The principal seems to hold a level of respect to his seniors like Fluder Paradyne. He also shows a side of desiring immortality, willing to pledge himself to such a person that can grant him his wish.


After Fluder Paradyne retired from being the Head of the Imperial Magic Academy, this individual was promoted to take his place. The headmaster is later revealed to be a member of a cult sponsored by Zurrernorn.[1]


Overlord Second Half Arc[]

Main article: Overlord Second Half Arc

The principal met with the legendary magic caster in the cafeteria of the Imperial Magic Academy, along with Student Council President, Frianne Wyliea Van Gushmond. Fluder having entered the academy as a student, the principal offered to pass the old man but was declined.

The head then asked Fluder on the method that Fluder Paradyne used to live his long life. He learned that it was necessary to use the 6th tier spell of Fluder's own creation. When he asked if it was possible to become immortal through this spell. While it was theoretical, a prerequisite is that a cater would need a large amount of mana. Later a question was brought about if it was possible to regain one’s youth. Though Fluder found the question strange, he confessed that such a thing was impossible with the magic of the Empire. Whoever could do so would be in the realm of the gods. The Head of the Imperial Magic Academy commented if such a person existed he would pledge himself to that being.[2]

Abilities and Powers[]

It was noted that all teachers of the Imperial Magic Academy could use the 2nd tier of magic, some even reaching the 3rd tier.


Fluder Paradyne[]

An acquaintance of the Imperial Court Magician, like many magic casters he admired Fluder and styled his beard like his.

Ainz Ooal Gown[]

When Ainz applied as a student at the Imperial Magic Academy, as the headmaster saw him as Jashin and did everything he could to get in his good graces. He was the one who let Ainz enroll the slaves, the Death Knights, into the academy.


  • After Fluder's unorthodox entry into the academy, the principal, though it would be best to ask the emperor to edit the rule that enrolling halfway through the school year is not permitted.


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