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Head Warriors were a group of high ranking warriors of the Lizardmen Alliance.


When the Lizardmen Alliance was formed, it was decided amongst the chiefs to organize the united tribes into smaller specialized units. The chieftains themselves formed into one such unit and were assigned to lead from the rear. In order to prevent the lizardmen warriors from being leaderless, all five tribes' Head Warriors were appointed to be field commanders for the initial assault.


The Lizard Man Heroes Arc

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After a cloudy-like undead appears from the sky to give an ominous message to several lizardmen villages, a special conference was arranged among officials of the Green Claw tribe. One of the Green Claw's Head Warriors opposed running away from the Army of Death without putting up a fight against it first.[1]

During the war for the wetlands, all five Head Warriors led the warriors of the Lizardmen Alliance against the undead invaders. While their first defense was successful, the Head Warriors began to realize that the undead were slowly pushing the lizardmen back. The Swamp Elementals summoned by the druids managed to turn the tide in their favor. As the Head Warriors ordered for the wounded to be taken back to the village, the Swamp Elementals were destroyed by the elder lich, Iguva=41. Sensing Iguva to be powerful, the remaining Head Warriors ordered the surviving warriors to run. The Head Warriors were eventually killed by the approaching undead Lich.[2]


Head Warriors were the highest-ranked warriors of their respective tribes. During the war with the Great Tomb of Nazarick, they fought on the front lines, providing not only strength but also morale to the troops.[3][4]


  • Green Claw Head Warrior
  • Red Eye Head Warrior
  • Dragon Tusk Head Warrior
  • Small Fang Head Warrior
  • Sharp Tail Head Warrior


  • In the Anime, each one of the Head Warriors wore colored neck bands.


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