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Harem Room is a dressing room located in Overseer Guardian Albedo's personal quarters on the 9th Floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick.


Originally, Albedo's room was the Throne Room and so she was not given any private quarters by her creator, Tabula Smaragdina. Upon learning of this inconsideration by his comrade, Ainz Ooal Gown assigned Albedo one of the common rooms the Forty-One Supreme Beings used.[1]


The Men in the Kingdom Arc[]

Main article: The Men in the Kingdom Arc

Albedo was in her inner sanctum creating a new plushie of her lover, when she received a [Message] from Ainz to send support to Sebas Tian to rescue Tsuare. Albedo questioned the act of saving an inferior being like a human, but Ainz ordered to follow his command as he had promised Tsuare his protection in his name. Albedo relents and moves to send reinforcements for Demiurge to command onsite. After communications with Ainz end, Albedo privately remarks her thoughts that his renaming of himself after the guild is ridiculous. She stares angrily at the guild flag that lies on the floor, having been replaced on the wall by the original Momonga banner.[2]


Albedo's Room (Mass for the Dead)

The overall layout of the Albedo's room was originally bare but after two months it became a different story. The reason being was the dressing room part of Albedo's chamber. It was a room full of Ainz, hand made dolls created by Albedo in her master's image in various poses. Some were Dakimakuras while others are plushies. Within the room is a Flag of Ainz Ooal Gown, which lays crumbled in a corner and left with only hatred and hostility. Another flag though, the Flag of Momonga, is raised on a wall the size of an opera curtain.


  • The space was Albedo's top secret area and not even the maids who came to clean the room were allowed to take a peek inside, hence earning its namesake. However, the real reason why it has been denied access to cleaning staff is to prevent others from seeing the desecration of the flag.


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