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Hanzo (ハンゾウ) is a ninja-type monster and one of Ainz Ooal Gown's summoned monsters.


Hanzo is a humanoid ninja-type monster.


Hanzo is a humanoid ninja-type monster whose level is over 80. It's skilled in countering stealth and also possesses some sort of concealment skill which allows it to hide in its target's shadow. The way in which it runs leaves afterimages behind it, a motion unique to high-level ninja type monsters.[1]


  • A Hanzo was summoned by Ainz with the little gold he had left. It served as a driver for Ainz’s carriage.
  • Five Hanzos were selected to accompany Ainz to the Dwarf Kingdom.[2]
  • There are others monsters of roughly the same level as Hanzo. They are Kashin Koji which is skilled in illusion, Fuuma which is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and special techniques together with Tobi Kato which is skilled with weapons, and so on.[3]
  • By Volume 14, Nazarick has now completely exhausted all their data to summon new Hanzo.
  • In the Web Novel, Hanzo is said to be proficient in hand-to-hand combat.[4]


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