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Half-Golem (ハーフ・ゴーレム) is one of the heteromorphic races in YGGDRASIL.


Half-Golems like Nishikienrai are said to have a textureless and smooth body.[1]


Like Golems, Half-Golems are likely to have limitless endurance similar to the undead. As Half-Golems are considered constructs, they do not feel the need to go through neither sleep nor nourishment. In a way, they are unable to suffer from the likes of fatigue. They also have immunity against mind-control.[2]

In the Web Novel, Ainz noted that a Half-Golem was said to possess incredible strength.[3] Though their strength was inferior to pure Golems, and in addition unlike baseline Half-Golems were capable of speech.[4]

Known Half-Golems


  • Nishikienrai is the only Half-Golem to be introduced in the Overlord series.
  • When Pandora's Actor fought against Riku Aganeia in his armor, he believed the latter to be perhaps a pure Golem, otherwise Riku would have been easy to deal with if he was a Half-Golem.[5]


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