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Guild Weapon is a type of item and physical symbol of a Guild in YGGDRASIL.


Guild Weapons are a necessary requirement when properly making a Guild. They are also powerful items that can store huge amounts of data. Even if the Guild Weapon is designed poorly, it will still be an unparalleled weapon no matter what kind of state it will be in after completion.

When broken, all members of the guild will have the title [Symbol of Failure] floating over their heads. It does not have any special effects, but it is the proof of shame. To remove this [Symbol of Failure], the same members must once again remake their guild from scratch.[1]

A Guild Weapon that gets destroyed in the process will signify the worst possible scenario of the guild's dissolution. In order to protect their guild's existence, these types of items were typically kept hidden away in safe places. Hence, Guild Weapons are not used for their tremendous powers. Even Ainz Ooal Gown, a guild which existed at the peak of YGGDRASIL, was no exception to this.[2] 

Abilities and Powers

A Guild Weapon possesses the power to alternate changes to a Custom NPC's original setting. For instance, this includes rewriting the backstory of an NPC to their whim. It also represents a player's status and authority as a guildmaster. The use of Guild Weapons is limited, as they can only be used by a guildmaster.[3]

Known Guild Weapons


  • In the Web Novel, there are classes that cannot have the [Symbol of Failure], and there are also classes that can be nothing except to be the one that breaks the Guild Weapon.
  • In the Web Novel, the guild weapon was wielded by the Leader of the Thirteen Heroes.[4]


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