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Guardian is the generic term used to refer to guards in the Overlord series. Besides being a job class name for some, individuals not belonging to the class can still be classified as one to some degree by having different roles elsewhere.


Guardians are protectors in-charge of defending places they positioned themselves in such as cities. Within the New World, there were countless problems with allowing just anyone the job of being a guard. For example, the protection of important places like the Valencia Palace in the Ro Lente Castle of Re-Estize. Any place where royal families, important news and information are located at, requires a person to abide by certain conditions and rules in order to be given the role as its guard.

For that reason, it was why a recommendation from a noble was needed when someone wants to become a guard in a place of their choosing like the palace. However, if a guard were to stir up trouble, the noble from whom they received their recommendation from would be held responsible for it. As such, only those with a clean background and a clear body and mind are given a recommendation.

However, this can lead to factions being formed over the guard role. Depending on which faction the sponsoring noble belonged to, that person may end up being roped into that group as well. Any person who refused would not even receive a recommendation in the first place. It was fair to say that there were no exceptions whatsoever to this rule. Although it is filled with flaws, being embroiled into a power struggle meant that soldiers can continue training their skills diligently to become a suitable guard.[1]

Known Guardians

Known Classes

  • Guardian
  • Black Guard

Known Guardian Groups

Known Guard-type Monsters

Abilities and Powers

Guardians are tasked with the duty of protecting a person of authority, place, and so on. In addition, the point of being guards was that they could not lower their guard in an open area.[5] This goes as far as patrolling and observing the environment around them in case of enemies nearby to subdue.[6]


  • In the city of E-Rantel, guards defending the graveyard where low-tier undead spawn were essentially normal citizens.


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