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Grenbera Swamp (グレンデラ沼地) was a wetland area in Helheim and the original location of the Great Tomb of Nazarick.


The Grenbera Swamp was home to several hamlets of Tuvegs and was regarded as a hazardous area to traverse.[1]

List of Monsters


The Grenbera Swamp was a wetland region where toxic fog-covered areas scattered the terrain of the poison swamp.[2]



  • It was about 100 meters away from the Piercing Crystal Plains.[3]
  • In the Overlord Twitter Side Story, during the last day of YGGDRASIL, all the monsters in the Grenbera Swamp were deactivated. As a result, they could not attack players like Momonga, nor could they attack the monsters.
  • The swamp makes a brief cameo in the Manga though it is not properly named until the Overlord Prologue.


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