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Greater Doppelgänger (グレータードッペルゲンガー) is a race of higher tier shape-shifters from YGGDRASIL.


Unlike a doppelgänger, a Greater Doppelgänger has four fingers on each hand.


Greater Doppelgängers can imitate people of up to level 60 such as the members of Pleiades. However, unlike the NPCs like Pandora's Actor, they can only copy a person's abilities up to 90% of the original’s abilities. Pandora's Actor, on the other hand, is capable of transforming into people from Ainz Ooal Gown up to level 100, but 80% of the power output seems to be his limit.[1]

Reasonably so, the Greater Doppelgängers are powerful variants of doppelgängers with the power to copy the abilities of players and Custom NPC's.

Additionally, the abilities of these shape-shifters can fool the senses of even a level 100 player. There was a spell that could dispel the Greater Doppelgängers’ shapeshifting, using it to keep them from transforming again for a period of time due to its effect.[2]

Known Greater Doppelgängers


  • Pandora's Actor is the first Greater Doppelgänger to make an appearance in the Overlord series.
  • There is a group of Greater Doppelgängers working under Jaldabaoth.


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