Great Minotaur Nation (ミノタウロスの大王国) is a nation ruled by the minotaurs.


The Great Minotaur Nation is where humans used to be treated as food, but are now treated as slaves for labor. This social reform is credited to the Minotaur Sage, who also introduced the concept of conventional modern day house conveniences.


The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

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Household items proposed by Minotaur Sage from the Great Minotaur Nation are being sold in the Northern Market of Arwintar, Baharuth Empire. Members of Foresight like Hekkeran Termite and Roberdyck Goltron witnessed two unknown adventurers has taken an interest on such items as they were analyzing it.[1]

Foreign Relations

Re-Estize Kingdom

While no exact international relation details are known at present, King Ramposa III acknowledged that their method to heal the body by cutting it open to remove infections (surgery) might be the best way to fix the Kingdom, while Gazef felt that would be barbaric.

Baharuth Empire

As the Empire had a trade market for goods from the Minotaur Nation, where the members of Darkness were analyzing such goods in Arwintar, it can be inferred that the two nations had a mutual but likely tenuous trade relation between them.

Slane Theocracy

The Slane Theocracy believes in human dominance over other races. Hence, since Minatours use humans as a food source and for slave labor, it is possible that the relations between these two nations are most likely hostile to each other.

Beastman Commonwealth

In the Web Novel, the Beastman Commonwealth once used their golems to launch an attack on the Great Minotaur Nation.[2]

Military Strength

The Great Minotaur Nation is a powerful nation that owned the weapons left by the Minotaur Sage. If it had not been for his weapons in their arsenal, the Great Minotaur nation would likely end up getting destroyed by the Beastman Commonwealth due to their overly powerful golems used against them.[3]

Known Inhabitants


  • In the Web Novel, at least, it's confirmed to border the Beastman Country.
  • In the Bonus Volume, Keno Fasris Invern was once kidnapped and treated as a slave in this land.[4]


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