Great Merchants (大商人) are a group of powerful merchants in the Re-Estize Kingdom.

Background Edit

The Great Merchants are a group that were briefly mentioned to exist in the Re-Estize Kingdom.

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The Men in the Kingdom Arc Edit

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During Princess Renner's discussion with Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra, the princess stated that though her crop rotation plan would incur a 20% loss in the initial six years it would lead to a 30% increase in harvest. Lakyus sadly stated that though the increase would be enticing, many would focus on the 20% loss and abandon the plan focusing on short-term gain. Despite Renner's favorable results in her own tests, Lakyus believed it couldn't be absolute. Renner then proposed that the Royalty Faction subsidize the 20% shortfall for the six-year period. She was only rebuked stating that the coverage would decrease the faction's power. Renner then suggested that they reach out to the merchants to provide the financing only for her friend to shot down the idea, stating that the merchants would never get involved in the political squabbles of the Kingdom. [1][2]

Strength Edit

The Great Merchants possessed financial backing to cover at least 20% of the cost to implement a nation-wide implementation of crop rotation. However, despite their power, they refrained from getting involved in politics, with the Nobility and Royalty Factions as providing too much strength to one would affect their ability to conduct business with either faction.

Trivia Edit

  • Another reason why the Great Merchants avoid politics is due to their own conflicts.


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